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Agency Advocacy - Regulatory Comment User Experience

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Last updated: 28 Feb, 2017

Aristotle advocacy 3.1

Agency Advocacy Regulatory Comment User Experience


Aristotle Advocacy now supports federal Agency Advocacy that is integrated within our Action Center platform.  Agency advocacy will permit your advocates to submit “Regulatory Comments” on proposed federal regulations.  Regulatory Comments submitted on the Aristotle Advocacy platform will be delivered via an integration with Regulations.Gov.


  • Aristotle 360
  • Action Center 3.0 or better. Legacy Action Center clients will not have access to this free upgrade. Contact your Account Manager to Upgrade your Account.
  • Browser Compatibility – Action Center 3.1 and the Regulatory functionality is based on a responsive design which requires a modern browser such as IE10+, EDGE, Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

Changes to Aristotle 360

You will note some immediate changes to your Aristotle 360 database.  They will include the following:

  1. Regulatory Tab – A new tab has been added to the Aristotle 360 Menu Bar. 
  2. Agency Search – Nested within the Regulatory Tab
  3. Regulations – Nested within the Regulatory Tab
    1. Add Regulation(s) – Permits you to automatically add one or more regulations that may be acted on by a Regulatory Comment alert. All online activities are automatically attributed to the configured Regulation.
    2. Search Regulations – Ability to search and Open Regulations within Aristotle 360
  4. Advocacy – Within the Advocacy Menu Tab you will find Regulatory Advocacy related elements that are analogous to our existing Legislative Advocacy functionality.
    1. Add Regulatory Alert – Opens Wizard to setup your Regulatory Comment alert
    2. Regulatory Alert List – Provides a list of Regulatory Alerts.
      1. List of Regulatory Alerts and their status
      2. Users may open Alert
      3. Activity Metrics – Click icon to access metrics relating to your action alert
    3. Order Published Regulatory Alerts – User may modify the order in which Regulatory Alerts are displayed on the Regulatory Alerts List page.
  5. Action Center Website – You will notice a new tab labeled Regulatory Comments with a highlighted numeric detailing the number of available Regulatory Comment opportunities. If none are available this menu will not appear to your advocates.

Regulatory Advocacy User Experience


Aristotle Advocacy Center now support Regulatory Advocacy. Your advocate may not participate in the regulatory process using dedicated functionality that automatically submits their comments, either text or via file upload, on a specific regulatory item.

The user may access the Regulatory Alert either from the Regulatory Comments List Page or a link embedded within an email.  From the list page they would simply click the Take Action Button.

Regulatory Alert Page

  1. Video if enabled will appear explaining to advocate your position

  2. External Title of Alert
  3. Alert Introduction – Text created by Administrator explaining the Regulation and position of the organization
  4. Instructions – This is custom text applied by the Administrator during the setup process to guide users in submission of their comment
  5. Category – Agencies may include different Required Categories. Aristotle Advocacy will automatically pick up these elements and apply to the form to insure your submission is received
  6. Comment – The comment is what will be submitted to the Agency on the specific Regulation. The admin will create sample comment text that may be edited by your advocate.
  7. Attach Files – Some advocates may wish to upload documents and Aristotle Advocacy supports this ability. requires a specific naming convention as detailed on the page. To upload a document users will acknowledge formatting guidelines and Choose Files button will be activated
    1. Advocates May upload one or more documents at a time
    2. Aristotle Advocacy supports multiple formats
    3. Users may delete one or more documents as required
  8. Recipient – Details name of Agency
  9. Submit Comment – Advocate presses Submit Comment button to send comment/documents to Agency

Upon Submission a Confirmation Notice will be displayed and Confirmation Email will be sent.  The Advocate may share the alert link to their social networks via Facebook and/or Twitter by clicking the social media icon at the bottom of the confirmation page.

Activity is recorded within Aristotle 360

By Clicking the users comment the Regulatory Comment will open displaying details about the comment or uploaded documents.

The Receipt ID may be entered on to easily locate the submitted comment. 

Example of submitted Comment on Enter Receipt ID and submitted will bring up a submitted record.

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Article ID: 1193
Last updated: 28 Feb, 2017
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