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February Release Sprint 80

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Last updated: 28 Feb, 2017


Sprint 80 Release Notes

February Release


The February Release will go live February 23rd. This Sprint represents the culmination of our development efforts focused on Agency Advocacy (Regulatory Comments Submission).

This multi-Sprint effort commenced in November. In addition to these efforts we have picked additional items relating to blacklisting of emails and other items.


  • Update Mass Email Activity to Include Link to Regulatory Comment
  • Update Mass Email Activity to include Link to Regulatory List Page
  • Auto-login and link tracking for Mass Email Activity for regulation alerts

Agency Advocacy

  • Regulatory Tab – A new tab has been added to the Aristotle 360 Menu Bar.
  • Agency Search – Nested within the Regulatory Tab
  • Regulations – Nested within the Regulatory Tab
    • Add Regulation(s) – Permits you to automatically add one or more regulations that may be acted on by a Regulatory Comment alert. All online activities are automatically attributed to the configured Regulation.
    • Search Regulations – Ability to search and Open Regulations within Aristotle 360

Advocacy – Within the Advocacy Menu Tab you will find Regulatory Advocacy related elements that are analogous to our existing Legislative Advocacy functionality.

  • Add Regulatory Alert – Opens Wizard to setup your Regulatory Comment alert
  • Regulatory Alert List – Provides a list of Regulatory Alerts.
  • List of Regulatory Alerts and their status
    • Users may open Alert
    • Activity Metrics – Click icon to access metrics relating to your action alert
  • Order Published Regulatory Alerts – User may modify the order in which Regulatory Alerts are displayed on the Regulatory Alerts List page.

Action Center Website – You will notice a new tab labeled Regulatory Comments with a highlighted numeric detailing the number of available Regulatory Comment opportunities. If none are available this menu will not appear to your advocates.

  • Regulatory Comment Page – Alert Page where users may submit comment
    • Via Text Comment
    • Via Document Upload

Regulation Detail View

Agency Search & Results List View

Agency Page – Agency will be created based on Regulation API call to Regulations.Gov. Currently, we do not support Ad Hoc or Data Import load

  • Contact Information
  • Contact List Page
  • Activities Page

Action Center Regulations List – Display list within dedicated tab on Action Center Page

Regulation Activity View – Permit user to click and review comment submitted by advocate

  • Comment Document Save to 360 DB – When attachment is submit to Regulations.Gov it will be recorded to the 360 Database


  • Email Blacklisting – Emails will show in UI if they have been blacklisted by Email reputation agencies.
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Article ID: 1190
Last updated: 28 Feb, 2017
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Agency Regulatory Sprint 80 Regulation Comment Blacklist
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