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November 2016 Release

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Last updated: 16 Nov, 2016


The November release (Sprint 77) went live on November 11th. We delayed it a few days to accommodate our users during the final days of the election and to perform some server maintenance.  

During this Sprint we started work on our Regulatory Comment / Advocacy project which we anticipate releasing in February 2017. Many of the items we worked on will not be rolled out to our users until then.

  • Regulatory Advocacy
    • Agency Advocacy – Proof of Concept
    • Database Schema
    • Data Research
    • API Integration – Proof of Concept
    • Comment Delivery – Proof of Concept
    • User Interface Mock Ups
      • Agency Entity
      • Regulation Entity
      • Regulation Activity
      • Agency Staffer
    • New Menu Elements
      • Regulatory
      • Order Alerts (Legislative Alerts & Regulatory Alerts)
  • Advocacy Metrics Report
    • Expanded Printing Support for visualizations
  • Twitter
    • Minor Fixes
      • After edit – Target name should not display with “Edit All”
      • Senator Only Recipient List should not display “Edit All Representatives”
  • Action Center
    • Provide Ability to Hide or Display “Additional Alert Links” based on user preference
    • Show Red Asterisks to Indicate Required Field
  • Misc
    • Provide Ability to hide Period for old Election Periods within New Receipt and New Disbursement section
    • Import Wizard – Address Validation not set creates duplicates
    • Edit Group should not allow duplicates with same name
    • Quick Entry
      • Correct issue with names that include Apostrophe
      • Show COSMOS results in committee search
  • Report – Custom Report: Aggregate Receipt Report: Update output columns
  • Security – Ongoing security enhancements and improvements
  • Research - Agency Advocacy


Regulatory Advocacy – Our development team is focused on the development of our Regulatory Advocacy support. We are targeting February 2017 as a go live date where we will support within the action center your advocates being able to submit text comments as well as attachments.  As a part of this effort we are creating new entities that include Agency, Agency Staff and Regulations.  The ultimate vision for Agency Advocacy support will permit our users to record non-comment related activities, such as emails, meetings, phone calls to agencies and staff to support all of your regulatory government affairs activities. This will be developed after the initial comment submission efforts.

  • Included are some mock-ups we have designed. These are subject to change based on the functionality we are delivering in the initial roll-out.

Agency View (Proposed)

Regulation View


Comment Proposed 

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Article ID: 1188
Last updated: 16 Nov, 2016
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