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October 2016 Release

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Last updated: 01 Nov, 2016


The October Release is live! In the Sprint 76 release you will find a variety of enhancements and improvements that include:

  •  Action Center
    • Action Center/Alert I-Frame - Support Custom CSS 
    • Twitter Advocacy
    • Social Sharing of Alert via Twitter
    • Advocacy Metrics Report
    • Twitter as Supported Activity
    • Enhanced Workflow
    • Search For Me Text
  • Search
    • Ability to Search for Twitter Activity
  • Security – Ongoing security enhancements and improvements
  • Research
    • Agency Advocacy – Dynamic form creation based on


Action Center – This release provides a variety of new features and capabilities for Action Center.

  • Support Custom styling when I-Framing Action Center Twitter Advocacy – Aristotle Advocacy now support overwriting the default Action Center CSS to pick up custom CSS styling. Note: future enhancements of Action Center may require client to update their Custom CSS file.
    • Client may pickup the styling conventions of text, background and other elements of the Action Center using client specific CSS file
    • If no Custom CSS is present the default Action Center CSS conventions will be applied
  • Twitter Advocacy– Aristotle Advocacy now supports Twitter as an option when taking action. Aristotle Advocacy now provides support for Email/Webforms, Fax, Phone & Twitter.
    • Admin
      • Enable Twitter within Delivery Medium 

  • Carousel and Thank You Tweet worfklow is displayed once option is enabled. Aristotle Advocacy supports five (5) carousel Advocacy Tweet and one (1) Thank You message per Chamber.

NOTE: User is encouraged to craft brief Advocacy/Thank You Tweets as Legislator’s handle does count against the140 Character limit and their character count is not know until user access webpage to take action.

  • Alert Page Experience – The user may edit an individual recipient’s tweet or mass edit all recipients. They may also Tweet All with a single click.  User will authenticate Aristotle’s Twitter App using the Twitter API which will display a pop up and request permission to Tweet on their behalf. 

  • Twitter Activity – All Advocacy Tweets are captured to the individual and Legislator’s record and are searchable.
    • Captured Data
      • Twitter Sender (From)
      • Twitter Recipient (To)
      • Twitter Handle Sender and Recipient
      • Subject
      • Tweet Message
      • Status = Tweeted
      • Sent Date
  • Twitter Handle is a display option in current list

Social Sharing of Alert – Aristotle Advocacy supports social sharing of your action alert by your advocates. From the Alert Confirmation Page advocates may share alert to their network. Alert link is automatically shortened and included. 

  • Admin Experience – Administrator enables option through Check Box and Creates Suggested Text.  If YouTube Video is stored in the alert, setup within Video & Images section of Alert Wizard,  it will be promoted within the Tweet.

  • User Experience – After completing action a custom Confirmation Page displays and Social Media Sharing option is displayed.

  • Users Twitter Feed View

Advocacy Metrics Report – We have completely revised the Alert Statistics display to show more actionable data points in a more effective and engaging format.  We have plans to add additional elements in the future.

Accessing Advocacy Metrics Report  -Click to display the report from the List View

  • New Advocacy Metrics Report – Report provides click through to a current selection and ability to control effective date range of the report to provide great insight.
    • Features
      • High Level Metrics
        • Participating Advocates – Click to open in current selection
        • Targets Contacted – Click to open in current selection
        • Messages Delivered – This metric reflects deliveries to Legislators. Click to Open in current selection
        • New Advocates- 1st Time Advocates can be quickly identified. Click to open in current selection
      • Target Panel – Default to Alpha list of Top Ten receipients with activity. Can sort by Target or Messages Delivered Count to show top recipients based on total universer. Can expand list to show all activity.
      • Activity Over Time – Shows chart by time and delivery type.
        • Visualization can be altered by clicking on delivery type. For example: User can click off Fax, Phone and Twitter to show only email activity within Visualization
      • Activity By State- Bar Chart displays in Group fashion by default.
        • User may alter visualization from Group view to Stacked view
        • User may turn on/off delivery types to highlight specific trends. Example: Show only Twitter Activity by State

  • Old Metrics Report


Research & Proof of Concept

  • Agency Advocacy – Dynamic form creation based on
  • BI Tool research
  • Additional Bugs

  • Webform Automatic Year Change funcationality
  • Federal Percentage and Non-Federal Percentage – 2nd boxes are not editable
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Article ID: 1186
Last updated: 01 Nov, 2016
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