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April 2016 Release

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The April Release is now Live!  In this release you will find a variety of enhancements and improvements that include:

  • New AMP (Aristotle Mobile Processing) Version with OCR capabilities
  • Quick Entry enhancements
  • Support display and export of legislative information for Organizations in current select
  • Simplification of Individual UDF import
  • Support active/inactive flag for filing committees when displaying list of filing committees when creating new receipt and disbursement transactions,
  • Support deleting records from a list
  • Fly In – Display value set in pull down to items displayed. Selected display value will remain persistent until cache is cleared. Persistence in predicated on using same browser and machine.
  • More...


AMP  Due to the frequency of changes and review burden associated with Apple's approval process for political donation apps we have embraced HTML5 for our AMP experience and to add new features.

  • AMP now supports OCR (Optical Character Recognition) of credit card number using the mobile devices camera. This will automatically enter the credit card number into AMP.
  • Support client specific branding by incorporating Client Logo and background image using images stored in their 360 repository.
  • Support multiple webforms for different fundraising programs
  • Donor searches will access 360 for look up and may include VLO (Aristotle Voter List Online) or Fat Cats look up. All returned searches will identify the source for individuals returned.
  • No more Swipe Hardware! Swipe hardware eventually may wear out and fail and its dependency on the speaker jack is becoming more problematic as phone manufacturers are moving away from a dedicated jack.  OCR scanning provides the same ability in a more efficient and reliable way.

Quick Entry Enhancements - To assist clients using our Quick Entry feature we refined navigational elements, added new Hot Key, remove buttons that are not functionally relevant within a specific view, and functional enhancements to improve this feature.
  • Quick Entry Hotkeys and Update Hotkeys
    • Save or Update Individual = Cntrl+Alt+R
    • Submit Receipt or Disbursement = Cntrl+Alt+U
    • Submit/Additional Transaction = Cntrl+Alt+T
    • Complete List of Hotkeys may be found
  • Entity Panel in Quick EntryChange tabbing navigation to reflect Source ID->First Name->Last Name->Search->Restart Search.
    • Remove Save Individual and Update Individual within this view as they are not relevant to this view
    • Add button for Update Individual when editing existing record
    •  Add Save Individual button when saving a New Record
    • Display previous giving by individual when selected in Individual Entity Panel.
  •  Transaction Entry Panel
    • Update tabbing logic within Receipts Entry Section
    • Update tabbing logic within Disbursement Entry section 
    • Add Submit/Additional Transaction to Receipt and Disbursements sections. Feature will save entered transaction and permit user to add additional transactions of the same type to the displayed entity record.
Organization Current Selection: Support Legislator Information in View & ExportRecently we added this feature for Individuals and now Organizations are included. You can now add specific legislator information to your Organization views and exports.  Includes contact information.
Simplify Individual UDF Import -  We have enhanced the individual UDF Import to reflect the Group Import feature to make adding Individual UDFs more intuitive.  Set your spreadsheet up with Columns storing UDF values. You can import multiple UDFs at one time.   A new page has been added to the Import Wizard (Page 4C) where you may setup your mapping. 
1.       Select Source Column
2.       Identify Entity Type
3.       Identify UDF Group if Any
4.       Identify UDF target field
Removing Records from Lists – When working with an existing list users may now remove individuals that are associated to a list (not a hard delete nor permanent deletion from database). 
Steps to Edit List
  • Select List Manager Within Search Menu Bar
  • Select List and Open with Light Blue double folder Icon  
  • Select Entity Type (If a mixed list – Only the selected entity will be available for edit. The non-selected entity will remain associated to the list.)
  • Deselect those list member you wish to remove from list
  • Select Save to Current List to remove deselected member from list or you may save to a new list
Support Active/inactive Flag for filing committees in List Display – Add Button Active/Inactive for Filing Committees to suppress inactive Filing Committees from being displayed in Pop Up Transaction Windows to make list smaller. Will not impact reporting or other aspects of the system just filing committee list display.
Email Logs Search – Add Support for Import/Export Confirmation Emails – Internal tool for staff to research emails sent by import/export confirmation email service.

Ongoing Security Enhancements

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Article ID: 1182
Last updated: 01 Nov, 2016
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