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May 2016 Release

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Last updated: 25 May, 2016

The May Release is now Live!  In this release you will find a variety of enhancements and improvements that include:

  • AMP (Aristotle Mobile Processing) – Additional Enhancements
  • Communicating With Congress (CWC) API Integration
  • Quick Entry enhancements
  •  Quick Search – Support Multi select of Election Periods
  •  Receipts Based API – Handle Get Requests from 360 Database
  • Ongoing Security Enhancements
  •  Bug Fixes



AMP – We have made some additional enhancements to more effectively support our AMP clients.  To learn more about the NEW AMP please see the Wiki at

·       Intelligent Giving Levels- AMP now supports Intelligent Giving Levels to suggest appropriate contribution levels based on previous giving behavior. Based on a proprietary Aristotle Algorithm AMP can be setup to look at historical giving levels to suggest a top range, low range or support an “Other” so our users maximize their members investment potential

·       Support Occupation and Employer - AMP now support Occupation and Employer to insure your compliance needs are met at time of transaction capture.

·       Edit Donor Information - Ability to edit all fields (except First and Last Name (Non Billing)).

Communicating With Congress (CWC) – Aristotle has deployed its Action Center integration with the House of Representatives’ Communicating with Congress (CWC) API. This API  provides a direct hook between our Action Center and Member offices Constituent Service Module. All alerts will be 100% deliverable to the intended House office.   This will eliminate delivery barriers to Member offices that include Captcha enforcement, multi-part form verification and other means designed to frustrate or eliminate 3rd party webform submissions. These barriers at times result in our users seeing Fax submissions being displayed on their alert reports.  We have been told that there is a plan in place for Senate adoption but at this time no date has been expressed. Regardless, the Aristotle submission hook was designed to handle this eventuality and will recognize Senate offices that embrace the CWC standard API.

Quick Entry Enhancements This release delivers additional enhancements to make you more efficient.

·       New Organization Creation – Quick Entry now permits you to look up and add new Organizations.

·       Filter By Middle Name/Middle Initial – Quick Entry Individual search now supports filtering with Middle Name or Middle Initial.

·       Add Middle Name/Middle Initial – You may now edit Middle Name/Middle Initial in the Individual record panel in Quick Entry.

Receipt Basic Search – Use Ctrl and mouse to select multiple Periods to assist you in filtering your searches more effectively.

 Generic Receipts Based API – As part of our continued efforts to provide greater accessibility to 360 data we have released a new API to manage Get Requests of individual Receipt data.  This API will respect Federated Access so users only have access to their OWN Federated Access Group.  When users pass SourceID the services will return receipts for that specific individual.

Ongoing Security Enhancements






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Article ID: 1181
Last updated: 25 May, 2016
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