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June 2016 Release

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Last updated: 01 Nov, 2016


The June Release is now Live!  In this release you will find a variety of enhancements and improvements that include:

·       Quick Entry – Ability to automatically add new federal committee from COSMOS.

·       Import – Ability to use standard import to add User Defined Field (UDF) data to Organization Entities.

·       Aristotle Mobile Processor (AMP)

o   Update client specific AMP to new version.

o   Add support Billing Name and Billing ZIPs within AMP to insure contribution is processed without issue

o   Ability to disable Intelligent Giving suggested donation amounts from settings

·       Compliance – Add new payment method within 360 expense tables to better support a variety of state compliance scenarios.

·       Check Request – Update custom check request implementation

·       Performance

o   Variety of hardware and software fixes to benefit client performance using 360 products

o   Apply Maintenance Flag to insure client jobs are not impacted during scheduled performance

o   Email Log Search – to assist in troubleshooting client questions regarding email status.

·       Security – Ongoing security enhancements and improvements

·       Research

o   Business Analytics and Reporting Solution

o   Support Action Center through Widgets to support custom integrations within client websites


Quick Entry – Ability to add new Federal Committees at time of look up from the COSMOS database. Users searching for a committee will be shown committees that reside in their 360 database as well as those available through COSMOS data (FEC Committees).

 Users may select to import a committee from COSMOS to add to their 360 database and then process their transaction. This is extremely effective in accurately creating committee data to your 360 database without the burden of creating the committee from scratch.  Faster and More Accurate.

Note: Currently the functionality supports adding Federal Committees Only. We are working to update the COSMOS database to support State Committees in the future.




ImportAdd User Defined Field Values using Standard Import.

1.       Initiate File Import as Normal selecting Organization as your entity type

2.       Verify the File Preview display your select UDF data

3.       Map Non-UDF fields as normal and leave UDF fields as Do Not Import in Field Data Type column (you will map these fields in Step 4C)select “Next”

a.       Check “Import UDFs” Box and see selection box appears

b.       Map UDFs fields accordingly by selecting UDF Column->Organization->UDF Group (if Appropriate) -> UDF Field Name.




 Before Import:

After Import:


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Article ID: 1179
Last updated: 01 Nov, 2016
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