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February Release

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Last updated: 11 May, 2016


The February Release is now Live!  This release will deliver a Relationship Management module, ability to import Individual UDFs, Phone Bank enhancements and a dedicated NationBuilder API.  We hope that these enhancements are well received. 


Relationship Management Rebuild- We have rebuilt the Relationship Management feature to deliver a more intuitive User Interface, greater stability and flexibility by adding the ability to create and edit new relationship status.  The new workflow will also illustrate based on user input how the relationship will look from the recipient entity viewpoint as well.  This will auto-fill as the user enters data.   The search mechanism has been completely updated so values will be returned on full or partial searches and displayed results will include City and State to aid you in selecting the proper individual, organization etc.

User Defined FieldsWe have invested in making the User Defined Field capabilities more effective for our users. Two enhancement present in this release should deliver even more functionality to our users. 


·       Support Comparative Searching for Date/Time UDFs in Query Builder- Previously users were unable to execute comparative searches (Greater than or Less Than) of UDF values in Query Builder. Users may now use Query Builder to select a UDF that is in the datetime format, enter a date to compare to, and the resulting current selection will display the list of entities that have the correct UDF value (e.g. less than/greater than/equal to the date you put in). If you have a datetime UDF stored as a Text value it will be converted to the correct format to enable searching.

·       Support the import of User Defined Fields into 360 - This enhancement will provide users the ability to import UDF values into existing UDF Group Categories. The user may import new Values but they would need to follow the same logical construct of the existing values (For Example – you can import a Date UDF Field into a UDF that support Text UDFs. The entity type must be detailed in the import file using a three letter abbreviation like IND for Individual Entity. Note – this enhancement will support importing receipt and disbursement UDF. The implementation will only work when the main entity is individual. At this time, import will not support Receipt and disbursement UDFs when the main entity is organization or committee. Valid entity types are RCP and DIS, spelled using their 3 letter abbreviations, otherwise the import will fail. 


To execute the UDF Import It will expect between 3 to 4 values from the excel file to work. At the minimum it needs to be given the UDF Name, UDF Group Category, and UDF value. There is a fourth optional column; Entity Type. If entity type is given in the excel file, that will used. If not, it will be inferred from the import type. UDF Group Category is a mandatory column. If the UDF Name that needs to be imported does not belong to a group, the group cataloger column can be left blank. 


The import will support multiple UDF values to different UDF Group categories.


Future releases will support UDF Import for other entities.


APIs (Application Program Interface) – Aristotle is dedicated to working with other client applications to extend the functionality of both by creating a technical infrastructure that makes porting data efficient and effective.


·       Vendor APIVendor API - This API manages third party vendor webhooks that permits Aristotle to determine the specific target Aristotle Product, in this case 360,  that may be called so that data may be push to 360.   This API will authenticate the vendor API request, map the payload’s token with a client ID present in the 360 database. It then instantiates a product based on the factory method pattern. Then a dedicated vendor specific API is initialized to manage the payload data. We have generalized this API to support the authentication and management of different vendors in the future with the addition of vendor specific webhooks.

·       NationBuilder API- For our customers who are also using NationBuilder we have developed an API that will accept NationBuilder webhook payload and mapping the data to the appropriate fields within 360.   This API will support adding new receipts from NationBuilder to 360 as well as adding and updating individual data associated to the receipt..

Phone Bank – Phone Bank is a fundraising module available to clients leveraging volunteers or Peer-to-Peer fundraising techniques that permit Callers to access a dynamically generated list of potential donors where they can process credit cards or send potential donors to a dedicated webform.  We are seeing excellent results with the initial roll-out in engagement and have added additional functionality to make the tool even more effective.

·       Display Previous Call Notes in Caller App - Display to call previous caller notes from calls where a contribution was not made. Phone Bank Notes will display previous Note(s), Caller Name, Date and Caller Source ID number.

·       Store Caller Notes in Additional Notes field in Activity record – To improve tracking and reporting we have moved caller notes to the “Additional Notes” Field in the activity record. The record will display the note, caller name, date and caller Source ID number.

·       Add Look Up/Recall Feature -  Clients have been using the Phone Bank noticed that their callers were receiving inbound calls and needed the ability to look up call targets or to pull colleagues/friends who were present in the target list. Phone Bank now provides a search to recall any individual who is present in the list AND that have not made a contribution or otherwise are in a closed status.

·       Click Through Tracking of Phone Bank Webform -  360 Phone Bank supports email automation that will, by click a button, send an email with a dedicated link to a contribution form as some donors may not be comfortable providing Credit Card information over the phone. We have now enhanced conversion tracking by enabling click through tracking this contribution form to provide greater insight on conversion method of donors.

Fly In App- Aristotle 360 managing all of your Fly In grassroots lobbying efforts. To learn more about the capabilities of this powerful App contact your Account Manager.

·       Resend Fly In Confirmation with Carbon Copy Email – Now when resending a Fly In Confirmation email a carbon copy email will be included to the email address denoted in the Reply To email field within the confirmation email workflow.

Action Center – Action Center provides detailed write your legislator functionality for your advocates and supports a variety of use cases including Franchise Advocacy.

·       Update HTML editor updated for Action Alert Admin and Action Center Setting.  We recognized that the previous HTML editor had issues creative concepts being used. We have replaced the editor with a modern editor and expect this will minimize client issues relating to HTML content.

Reports –

Treasurer’s Report -  Aristotle 360 provides a detailed Treasurer’s Report (Reporting ->PAC Management-> Treasurers Report) that provides a wealth of insight on financial activity broken out by Divisions/Sub-Divisions and PAC eligibles- even across multiple filing committees.

·       Add Control to enforce by Individual Status (All, Active, Inactive) to insure report picks up even those contributors who may have since left the PAC or eligibility may have changed

Client Specific Major Investor Report


Security – Apply Additional Security Features

Research – During most releases we embark on detailed research projects to guide us in our development process in both enhancement development and impact on proposed enhancements and bug fixes.

·       Agency Advocacy – Review requirements and technical challenges relating to comment submissions and tracking relating to federal regulatory agencies.


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Article ID: 1177
Last updated: 11 May, 2016
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