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Last updated: 11 May, 2016

Happy New Year from the 360 Development Team.  We hope 2016 finds you healthy and well.

Aristotle's first release of 2016 delivers some additional functionality to our latest App - the  Phone Bank Wizard, enhancements to the Detailed Individual Report (find it in the General Reports section), support for custom labels in the Action Center and enhancements on how we handle exports.

 ***Special Note to IE Browsers Users: If you are using any IE Browser before IE 11 or Edge update today! Microsoft will no longer support legacy browsers on January 16, 2016.  Aristotle will no longer be able to support these legacy browsers as well in the context of its applications since they will not provide our clients with the necessary security and frankly they limit our ability to deliver to all clients the new Apps we have been releasing (See Phone Bank and the new Action Center).

Phone Bank Wizard – Released in August, a new App for 360 that provides our users the ability to launch a Phone Bank where a dedicated list of callers may call a precise list of targets. We have made some modifications to caller interaction and removed the cap on number of calls that may be made.  Enhancements reflect the following:

·         Addition of a Save and Publish Button – so you can save the phone bank when setting it up in the Admin portion prior to publishing. Should make it easier if Users want to add calls scripts or other items at a later time.

·         Mass Activity Phone  Bank Overview Report – Just like in Mass Email Activity you can click on the Phone Bank an see instant statistics on how many individuals have contributed, how many have been sent an email link to the contribution form, not contributing, No Answer, Call Backs and Open Calls among notable data points..

·         Consolidated Special Handling Buttons – Based on user feedback we have consolidated the special handling buttons to make the user experiences more effective.

·         Adding Suggested Call quota and performance ticker – Based on early success of the phone bank we noticed callers were checking on how many successful calls were being made by their colleagues.  We love that the application was fostering a healthy level of competition and wanted to provide instant status to callers to motivate and inform.

Action Center – The new version of Action Center has been adopted by many clients since its July release.  We are getting great feedback and we received some requests for further customization and workflow improvements.

·         Ability to Relabel Login & Register Headers – Some clients’ vernacular were not well served by Login and Register labels on the AC page. Now admins may, within Action Center Settings, change these labels to better meet their needs.  Each label may include up to 20 characters.  These labels will also be displayed in helper messages.

·         Enhance Workflow to Handle Invalid Lookups – If the system receives an unknown user input, it will open up the Registration panel as well as the corresponding Home or Work address entry screen based on the configuration of the Action Alert.

Detailed Individual Report – Since its release in the summer this report has gained wide adoption.  Users have suggested refinements and improvements that we think all clients would appreciate.

·         Provide option to show activities based on Status (Open/Closed)

·         Display Salutation in Name Block on report

·         Display Contribution Summary Information in chronological order

Export – We recently made a change in how we present data where category information is expressed in a single column with the header row with the belief that it would radically simplify users experience when working with data within a Spreadsheet. Unfortunately, some users were negatively impacted on their business practices.

·         Support for Export Category/Group in old and new format. You will note a check box (enabled by default) “Show categories with delimited groups” to show multi-column “old” view, deselect check box and proceed normally.

Query – For extremely heavy queries a message will appear cautioning users that query may take a long time to generate.

Client Specific

·         Custom Report

·         API Enhancement

·         Support for Federated Access in Phone Bank

Security Items

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Article ID: 1176
Last updated: 11 May, 2016
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