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November Release

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Last updated: 05 Nov, 2015

This release includes development work includes additional work related to the following:

·       Mass Phone Bank

o   Support HTML in Caller Script

o   Support Recurring payment

o   Add new Statuses in Database

o   Update phone bank queue algorithm

o   Support email automation based on donor/investor response

·       Advocate Panel

o    We have created a feature where the user may enable Advocate Panel for multiple individuals from a current selection.  

o   You can now display and export Advocate Panel related fields within the current selection. 

o Advocate Panel merge fields available within the Mass Activity Wizard

·       Mass Email Activity

o   Support editing of default merge field values within a Blast Email campaign that was copied.

·       Group Handling Within Current Selection

o   We have refined how Groups are displayed within the Current Selection AND Export. Now the Group Column will display the associated value(s) in clear text as opposed to a “X” to indicate group membership.

·       Current Selection and List Handling

o   When saving to a new or existing list or existing group deselected records will not be added.

·       Import Wizard

o   In the Import Wizard the import will respect Filing Committee transaction default

o   Promote Validate Address in User Interface a include helper text to remind users to set.

·       Custom Report Development for Client

·       PCS

o   Void and Re-Issue Button for Checks

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Article ID: 1174
Last updated: 05 Nov, 2015
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