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Our developmental energies were focused on a new fundraising feature called Mass Phone Bank. The admin would use two distinct lists, a caller list and target list, which would be used to dynamically create a phone queue for the caller so fundraising campaigns could be executed. The phone queue would take in to account up to three factors (optional) to associate the right Caller to the right Prospect.

The caller will be able to process credit card from the user interface or send automated messages linking the prospect to a webform for payment processing. Also, a non-participant email may be sent in the case they do not wish to participate.  A variety of call handling options are provided.  We anticipate further enhancements to this feature in the November release.

In conjunction with the Mass Phone Bank we have refined the login process for the Advocate Panel to make it easier for advocates to reset their password.  Also, we now provide a link from within the Mass Activity Email Wizard to send a dedicated link to the Advocate Panel.

Aristotle 360 now supports viewing and exporting Political Committee IDs.

We also created some client focused projects associated with APIs and custom workflows.


Mass Phone Bank

Added new element to Advocate Panel called “Phone Bank”. A list of available, if any, Phone Banks will be displayed for callers. Once selected, a caller will be presented with the User Interface in which they can queue up a call and accept contributions.   Within, Mass Activities a new menu item is available to create Phone Banks using a Wizard. The Admin can configure the number of calls (or completed calls), create a call Script, and create link to a webform to populate the giving amounts.

Advocate Panel- Login Page

We have created a “Reset Password” functionality in Advocate Panel.  Users found remembering the computer generated password difficult. Now Advocate Panel users can change their password without intervention from 360 Admin.  After resetting password a confirmation email is sent.

Other Work Items

·       View & Export Committee Registration ID Number

·       Customer Specific Field Report Email Distribution Report

·       Customer Specific API


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Article ID: 1173
Last updated: 08 Oct, 2015
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