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July Release

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Last updated: 31 Jul, 2015


The July Release represents the culmination of Aristotle’s Action Center 3.0 efforts that include a completely redesigned front-end, support for online franchise advocacy, enhanced phone advocacy and items relating to our AMP (Aristotle Mobile Processing) App for credit card processing. 

The Action Center 3.0 release strategy will consists of a limited release for clients who participated in our Action Center roundtables with general availability of the new version within a few weeks.  If you would like to immediate access please consult with your Account Manager to arrange the update.

We hope you find these enhancements helpful and look forward to your positive feedback.

Also - we do want to thank all of the clients who participated in our roundtables, product discovery meetings and their thoughtful guidenance through the development cycle of the new Action Center 3.0. Your efforts are very much appreciated.



·       Franchise Advocacy-  Finalized Advocate facing online Franchise Advocacy

o   Legislator(s) targets will be fetched based on relationship between individuals linked organization’s address.

o   Multiple organizations may be linked to an individual

o   Important Note About This Functionality

§  Requires relationships to be establish using specific data types between Individual Organization

§  Organizations must be marked Franchise

§  Supported Exclusively in Action Center 3.0

·       Advocacy Front-End (Advocate Facing) –New interface using Responsive Design to better support mobile form factor, I-Frames and to enhance overall user experience.

o   Supports Mobile Forms such as Mobile Phone and Tablets

o   Phone Advocacy – Execute call, view talking points and record notes from single page

§  Single Page Execution of Phone Advocacy (includes multiple legislator interactions)

§  Remove requirement to create an advocacy letter when Phone Advocacy is selected

§  New Phone Advocacy Confirmation Message and display page is supported.

o   Advocacy Model Support

§  Standard – Legislator(s) target is fetched based on home or business address

§  Franchise – Legislator(s) target is fetched based on linked organization address

§  Mixed – Legislator(s) target is fetched based on both Standard & Franchise Model

o   Browser Detection – Since Action Center 3.0 was created using Responsive Design users must access site using a modern browser (IE 10+, Chrome, Safari or Firefox).

§  Site will detect browser and if AC 3.0 is not supported then AC 2.0 will be displayed

·       We urge all clients to encourage their users to adopt a new browser

§  We will support Browser detection through 1/1/2016

·       Login and Registration Page – Support smart login and registration so that an advocate need only have address information necessary to take action. User will be prompted to add missing address information based on available alerts. For Example: Alert is set to home address no additional data entry is required to execute if Home Address is present. 

Other Work Items

·       Customer Specific Check Request App Modifications

·       Customer Specific Modification to AMP for Android App

·       Dashboard – Provide within Individual Groups total and cumulative counts

·       Bugs

o   Change Staff Screen Role/Title

o   Refresh Split Lists when Source List is Changed

o   Webform - Require notification email when option is enabled

o   Show only active lists when selecting lists within Action Center

o   Relationship Strength values showing only within Strength

o   Time of Receipt Recordation 

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Article ID: 1171
Last updated: 31 Jul, 2015
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