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June Release

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Last updated: 02 Jun, 2015


The June Release represents work related to the new Advocacy application that will be released in July.  The focus of our advocacy work is centered on the advocate’s user experience by eliminating clicks and instilling a more efficient workflow.  

As a part of our Advocacy work, we have laid the foundation for Franchise advocacy by applying needed elements within the Organization entity so that Franchise based organizations may effectively leverage our advocacy app.

We have also included some automation so you may apply existing UDFs to the current selection so you can quickly and efficiently apply values across your individuals and other entities.

Lastly, we have developed a new Standard Report called the Detailed Individual Report that will provide a detailed and configurable look at your individuals.   You can include the specific data most relevant to your stakeholders.

We hope you find these enhancements helpful and look forward to your positive feedback.




Advocacy (All Advocacy related work will be available in July Release) :

·       Franchise Advocacy- We have added a flag to the Organizations called “Franchise”, that is set to off for all current clients, that will tell the Advocacy App to fetch legislators in action alerts based on the legislators linked to their Organization(s).  This is the first step to support our Franchise driven clients in meeting their advocacy goals.

·       Advocacy Front-End (Advocate Facing) – Develop new interface in responsive design to better support I-Frames and to make taking action possible using Mobile devices

·       Login and Registration Page – Support smart login and registration so that a advocate need only have address information necessary to take action. User will be prompted to add missing address information based on available alerts. For Example: Alert is set to home address no additional data entry is required to execute if Home Address is present. 


·       Apply existing UDF’s to Current SelectionUsers may now create a current select and apply an existing UDF value.  Create a current selection of individuals, Legislators, Companies, Committees and select “Add Results to UDF”.  Then select an UDF and Value and it will be applied to each entity within your selection. It is an ideal way to quickly and efficiently code multiple records without hand-keying or using an import.


·       New Password management - User will be prompted to enter old password when making change to new.

Report (General Release) – We have created a new Report called Detailed Individual Report . This report may be found under Reporting->General Reports -> Detailed Individual Report.  This report provides report configuration so you can create a custom report based on your stakeholders needs. You can configure the report to include the following areas:

Personal Information

Representation (Linked Legislators)





Contribution Summary

Detail Contributions


FatCats/FEC Data




You may also restrict this report based on a date range, create a title and define the source (Current Selection, Individual Search, List, Program or Event. Keep in mind it is an intensive report so extremely large lists may take some time to generate.

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Article ID: 1169
Last updated: 02 Jun, 2015
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