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Last updated: 16 Apr, 2015

 We have some great enhancements for you in April.  The entire team is very excite on this release and we look forward to your feedback. 

As always - if you are interested in seeing what we are working on for our next release (Scheduled May 27th) click on "In Production".  Also if you are interested in reviewing our vision for the new Action Center Front-End please consult with your Account Manager who can schedule a time for us. We again appreciate all of the clients who have participated in this project from client interviews, product suggestions and review of the story board. Your inputs are appreciated and very much welcomed! Thank You.

The April Release is focused on enhancing your Mass Email experience by permitting the user to include additional fields (User Defined Fields and Calculated Fields) within their emails.  We have added additional fields available for Query Builder searches and exposed Federal Legislators & activity data for display and export.


Mass Email EnhancementYou have asked for additional personalization options for your emails. This release will support the following:

·       Ability to add calculated receipt data as merge fields within mass email.  This enhancement will provide users the ability to use a date range to calculate receipt data within a merge field.  By way of example, you could send Donor Thank You emails detailing year-to-date receipt participation and their current Donor Levels stored when stored in an UDF.  


·       Ability to incorporate User Defined Fields (UDF) data as merge fields in mass emails.  360 supports UDFs from the following Entities:

o   Individual UDFs

o   Organization UDFs

o   Receipt UDFs

o   Disbursement UDFs


Search & ExportWe made Query Builder even more powerful! We have added several enhancements that will make finding your data easier and permit great visualization within 360.  We focused particular attention in searching and exporting of Activity and Legislator data. For Example, you may search for all individuals who took action on a specific alert within a specific Federal Legislative District.

·       Individual Activity Search You will immediately notice that a large number of fields to incorporate within your Individual searches with in Query Builder.  We now support the following fields to facilitate your search and data discovery needs.  All the following fields are available for display within current selection and Export.

Action Alert End Date

Action Alert Status

Activity Additional Notes

Activity Start/ Completed Date

Action Alert Start Date

Activity Created Date

Action Alert Title

Activity Description

Action Alert Issue

Activity Subject

Activity Owner Name

Activity Open Date

Activity Message Body

Activity Program Name

Activity Receiver Name

Activity Sender Name

Activity Status

Fly In Name

Activity Alert Name

Activity Subject Name

Activity Type


·       Organization Search By district – To make it easier to search or Organizations within a specific Congressional District we now support the following fields.   Please note when searching by “Legislator District Name” that Field values would need to reflect the following convention = MD005, using Maryland 5th Congressional District as an example.

·       Federal Legislator Data available for Individual Search and Export – Want to see your Individual members’ Federal Legislator on a single row? We have it covered.  You can display and export Legislator Data that includes contact information, Party, District and more based on your advocates preferred address.

·       Staffer Phone now available for display and export within current selection

·       Action Alerts:  We thought it would be helpful for clients, especially our association clients, to have the ability to include within the signature field the sender’s organization name. 

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Article ID: 1168
Last updated: 16 Apr, 2015
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