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Last updated: 05 Jan, 2015

 Happy New Year. The entire production team wishes you a successful and healthy New Year. We do thank you for your business and look forward to delivering innovative new approaches and products in 2015!  As always, if you have product suggestions please do not hesitate to contact Kevin Fitzgerald, 360 Product Manager, at make the subject line "Product Suggestion". 

We have improved the usability of 360!  The most notable enhancement would be associated to exposing a number of legislator fields so you can easily view/export legislator fields associated with disbursements. This should make using this data more effective by permitting easy analysis of giving by party, state & District, and District Type.

We have cleaned up the meta fields so fields linked to an entity are grouped more effectively. This should make searching for a specific field more efficient. 

360 will now also remember your location in a current selection after you have opened a record. This should make working with large multi-page list much easier. 

We have also  been working on some enhancements to Action Center 3.0 to provide support for Twitter and have added a dedicated confirmation email message that you can tailor that will include a list of our Legislators your activists communicated with so they have a record to whom they have communicated. We think it provides a great vehicle to touch your activists and help them recall their activities.   

List of All Enhancements are Below:

Action Center 3.0We have added additional functionality to Action Center 3.0

·         New User Interface for Social Media Page – Enhanced User Interface to highlight administrative tools associated with Twitter and Facebook

·         Add Twitter Support for Users taking action – Users may Tweet their actions to Twitter based on dedicated support of Twitter. This is in addition to posting their activity to Facebook.

·         Advocacy Confirmation Message sent to Advocates – Administrators may set up dedicated confirmation message that will be sent to advocates taking action. This will include a list of Legislators that your advocates have communicated.  This will provide your organization with the ability to emphasis the advocates action and provide additional touch points on the campaign.

·         Alert Queue – Enhanced Queueing to insure alerts reach Legislators. System will retry webform submissions multiple times so that if a Legislator’s page is temporarily down we can effectively resubmit. If page remains down or there is a technical issue associated with the submission we will default to a Fax submission after  the third failed attempt.

·         Ordering of Alerts – Administrator may now easily drag and drop any active Action Alert to control the order in which the alerts appear on Action Center list.

UsabilityLook for big changes relating to usability of 360.

·         Webforms – The webform will respect year change automatically and create new webfor form value incorporating new Year.

·         Remember Position in List after Opening a record from current selection – Provide for 360 to remember you position in list so you can edit a record and have the system remember your position. This is especially handy for users working with multi page lists. Note – if a record is deleted the reference point will be lost in the list and position will not be maintained.

·         Expose additional linked entity fields for Disbursements analysis – You can now easily review, export linked Legislator fields that are commonly needed for reporting.  These fields reflect the following: Legislator District Name, Legislator District Code, Legislator District Type, Legislator District State, Legislator Registration ID, Legislator Party and Legislator Full Name.

·         Clean Up Field Names and re-organize so  related fields are group together – We have made it easier to located and use fields based on grouping associated fields together.

Fly In Enhancements – We have updated the Fly In Module to support the following:

·         Support Deletion of Pirmary Participant within the Appointment Record

·         Provide Special Needs Capture for dietary and other special needs on the Registration Page

Other Projects:

·         Coalescent Event Support

·         Custom Client Check Request Management System

·         PCS System – Provide Administrator support for modifying fields status

·         Decommission Webform for expired Pages


·         Briefing Book Enhancement – Sort FEC Data by Contribution Date

·         Client Request:  Disbursement Report

·         Client Request: Congressional Summary Report Enhancement

·         Detailed PAC Participation Report – All Clients The Detailed PAC Participation Report allows end users to analyze and determine the participation rate(s) within the PAC. This is done by selecting the category that represents divisions within the organization, then selecting a group that defines the eligible class and finally selecting what types of transactions the report should look for. The finished report will provide a detailed analysis and allow end users to act upon their PAC base accordingly

There are a bunch of enhancements so take a look below or down load the the .PDF to learn even more

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Article ID: 1166
Last updated: 05 Jan, 2015
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