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September Release

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Last updated: 12 Nov, 2014

The September Release is a continuation from the August Release. We have finished major work associated with the new Action Center 3.0. We have completed development of Caurosel Letter funcationality, Thank You letter based on Bill support and AC 3.0 User Interface. These enhancements will be available within the October 2014 Release with an enhanced Action Center User Interface.

To see the items worked on during the September 2014 Release see tplease see he attached document linked below. 

These development items are completed but will not be released until fully integrated within the new AC 3.0 User Interface.

·         Carousel (Random) Letter generation: Client create up to five different letters where one will be randomly assigned to each specific individual taking action.  The administrator will have the ability to setup to Five letters per legislative jurisdiction (House or Senate) for a total of ten possible advocacy letters (Five for House and Five for Senate). Likewise each jurisdiction will have a specific (One) Thank You letter.

·         Thank You Letters – We are supporting the ability for a Thank You letter (One for House and One For Senate) to be keyed off of Bill Sponsorship or within the Split Target Concept.  

·         Bill Sponsorship & Co-Sponsorship Integration – Support Smart alerts where Alert content (Advocacy or Thank You) will be dictated by Legislator(s) support for a Bill based on their sponsorship status of legislation. If legislator is a shown as sponsors then a Thank You Letter will be sent by advocates as opposed to an advocacy message. This feature is dependent on a Federal or State Bill being active within 360.

·         Action Center 3.0  User Interface– Aristotle has finalized the enhanced backend UI. The new User Interface has been completed and reduces the number of steps necessary to setup an alert so the speed in setting up an alert will be vastly improved. A focus has been in crafting a more effective and efficient User Interface and eliminating steps that can be better set at a global level.  Also –we have re-worked the methodology necessary for configuring the web-form mapping agent where the user must configure non-matched Issues. This was burdensome on the client and will be automated within AC 3.0.


Completed – Released/Active

·         Action Alert Log -  A back-end enhancement (No client visibility) that provides Aristotle IT Staff with detailed performance metrics on deliverability of alert to the legislator’s office.

·         Implement Client’s new Security methodology and Test

·         Recurring Transactions (Multiple Sources) – Enhance management of recurring transactions (regardless if the source is CC.COM, AMP or other methodology so that the subsequent transactions are effectively set and provide proper encoding of Election period, receipt subtype, source, status Account, Batch where necessary.


·         Client Requested Receipt Source Report with Goal Attainment -  Based on a goal UDF set within Organization entity the report will calculate goal attainment against Receipt Source so client may understand where each organization stands in relations to receipts received against goal.

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Article ID: 1161
Last updated: 12 Nov, 2014
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