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August Release

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Last updated: 12 Nov, 2014

August Release Notes: Major work down on improving stability and performance of Action Center and to setup a solid technical foundation for Action Center 3.0. Provide greater user control associated wtih Unsubscribe and Disclaimer notification and added support for Advocate Panel to include Closed Status so advocates may see activities that they have acted upon. 

Advocate Panel: Show Closed Status Activities and Add Filter for Activity Status – Provide greater transparency to advocates so they can see both Open Activities as well as those activities that have been acted upon (Closed). We have added the corresponding “Closed” button and this state will also respond to filtering.


Control Paid For Email Disclaimer – Suppressing or Support Multiple Committees – Tell your friends! Based on a setting stored within DB Setting you can enable or disable the “Paid For By” email notification by clicking “Include Mass Email Disclaimer”.  You can also support multiple committees (based on Filing Committee).

·         Campaigns – For  campaigns that may have more than one committee (a candidate committee and a PAC or authorized committee) they need the ability to select which committee is sponsoring the message within the Paid For By Block. There is now a pull down called “Committee” where they may select One Committee to appear within the Paid For Block. This will also push the correct committee name to the Unsubscribe Email.

·         PAC/Corporate/Grassroots-You may turn-off the email disclaimer from DB Settings so you do not have to worry about having this message appear in the future.  This should eliminate customer care issues with this appearing on their emails within the future.  


Support For Deluxe’s DLT147 Check Type: For clients using this stock it is now supported within 360. This is the same check stock that is standard for all Vocus clients so welcome them aboard with this free functionality.  Need stock?


Support Single Sign Login Credential for Web Forms – For organizations using a standard User ID number, typically stored as Source ID or is well known to their advocates, we now support a single entry to access webforms. After configuring “User Options” within the Webform they can be configured to reflect Username Only, Password Only or Both.  Instead of using a Username and Password to access a webform they can simply enter their Source ID and quickly access the webform.


Multiple Technical Backlog Items  Multiple TBI’s were implemented to facilitate stability and performance of Action Center and lay a sound technical foundation for AC 3.0.

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Article ID: 1160
Last updated: 12 Nov, 2014
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