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Last updated: 22 May, 2014


·         Activity Campaigns have been renamed to Programs in order to better reflect the intent of the feature. A program can be used to track and manage communications, donations, events and other related activities and to retrieve aggregate metrics associated with the elements of the program.   Programs can now be found in the Tools section of the File menu.

·         The Programs module has been enhanced to allow a user to create a copy of an existing program. The copy of a program includes the basic information, blast emails, web forms, events etc. from the original program.

On-line Credit Card Transactions

·         The Credit Card component of the Web Form Builder has been enhanced to allow the user to optionally configure several specific donation/giving levels along with a custom amount in a web form.

·         When individuals elect to contribute via recurring credit card contributions, the Web Form can now be configured to send a thank you email each time the recurring credit card transaction is processed.


Blast Email

·         The Test Email feature has been enhanced to include the configured email content along with the corresponding merge field information in each test email.

·         The Email Unsubscribe has been enhanced so that unsubscribes are applied to federated access group, when federated access is enabled. Note that when the federated access is disabled, the email unsubscribes shall continue to be applied to the entire database.

·         The Click-Through Tracking feature has been enhanced to allow the user to select an existing web form and insert it in to the content of the email, eliminating the need for the user to obtain the URL of the web form manually.

·         The Create Content feature has been enhanced to allow the user to include an image in the email content and associate a hyperlink to the image.

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Article ID: 1153
Last updated: 22 May, 2014
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