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 Overview: Release 41 or the February Release was focused on enhancement to the Legislator Record and the Fly-In module’s registration process.  The Legislator enhancements will focus on delivering better organized data within this entity and includes a dedicated Staffer Tab, supporting Grassroots/Key Contacts, Providing drill down from District counts to display constituents and grasstops/key contacts in a grid so users may better interact with their data.

  We have enhanced the Fly-In Registration process (Participants request to meet with specific Legislator(s)via a web page and meetings are setup within 360 ).  Also – support in Query Builder the enforcement of default active state for record searches and lastly, support mass activity emails to organizations. 

  April Release: Currently we are working on setting items for the  Release.  We are hoping to focus on re-organizing the Legislative Committees/Caucus area to provide an enhanced user experience when working with this data. Again, there is a sizable amount of work relating to our Fly-In Module (Hospice directed but applicable to others) and strategic enhancements consisting supporting an API for a National Party and a variety of client requested reports.

 About the Fly-In: We believe that this work will make 360 the premier Fly-In solution within the industry . Also – we have a number of custom reports required for clients.  


Process Update: The March release will be the first complete release where the new development process will be leveraged so we should have better insight on our production capabilities and see improved stability of both our enhancements and bug fixes. We have made profound changes and we are seeing these change the development culture.

 Background on the process follows:

In 2014, and beyond, our goal will be to provide a specific group of related enhancements & bugs associated to a single/focused functional area.. For example, we may focus a release on Action Center improvements and the next might focus on the Organization record. I will be providing to you our development priorities for 2014 in the form of a development calendar.  By understanding our priorities you should be able to effectively engage Product Management and your clients in providing inputs that meet our development priorities and in time to see them realized.

 Statistics:  Release 41/February addressed the following mix of bugs/blockers/enhancements:

·         Blocker: 16

·         Bugs (Non-Blockers): 35

·         Enhancements: 17


Fly-In Registration Enhancements – Focus on usability and performance issue with Fly-In Registration process. Provide Admin Users will greater opportunities to control introductory text from within 360 and to better organize confirmation page and emails.

Fly-In: Optimize Load times for registration page.  Max processing time at scale should be no more than 10 seconds.


Fly-In: Optimize Registration Page and Button Development – change button behavior to go to inactive state to prevent users from re-submitting repeatedly.


Fly-In confirmation: Meeting Confirmation Text Box. Provide receipt style confirmation email to individuals registering for Fly-In. Provide user text block for adding custom text within Confirmation pop-up.

Fly-In: Set matched legislators to default. Legislators matched to requestors address will be marked by default on request view.  Some requestors were confused by them being unchecked.


Fly-In: Request Page Enhancements: Provide clients ability to enter custom messages and text slugs using WISYWIG Html editor. The ability to enter text  throughout the fly-in registration  page is now supported. Specifically, the pop-up header, introduction, email closing block We are also permitting the ability to search for legislators based on ZIP for organizations whereby their members may wish to include Legislators from a specific service area they work in.

Fly In: Meeting Confirmation Page: Support Pop-Up and editable Text Box to display page for meeting confirmation. Add button for confirm and go back. This should improve load times and provide greater instructional input by administrator.

Legislator Record Enhancements

Legislator record Enhancements - Create improved data visibility regarding legislator information. Header is improved to show Legislators State/District/Party next to Legislators Name. Display Contact information in a prominent area and permit toggling between different offices. Create fields for social media.  Add new Legislator Information – Bio, Military Service, and Professional Experience, Religion.


Legislative Staff, Constituent and Grasstop/Key Contacts Relationship Management. Create a dedicated staff tab to store legislative and linked political committee staff.  Remove the awful and much despised “Relationship” box. Add clickable counts so you can display Constituents and grasstops contacts within the former District count field.

 Other Enhancements

 14964 OLP Poll Analysis Report – OLP Specific.

 15103 – Set Default search line in individual Query Builder search to return active Records only! A default query line is added to individuals searches to insure only “Active” records will be returned. This can be removed from searches to retrieve both Active/Inactive. This will prevent clients from searching for records and returning inactive records.

 Email support mass email using organization and organization location detail. Mass Email Activity support for the following: Workflow should be executed as currently designed and supported

1.             Support emailing Individuals linked to the Organization using Individual(s) stored within “Employees, Related Contacts and Affiliates”. User will be able to send email to individuals based on the following criteria.

a.             Primary Contact denoted by Check Mark underneath “Primary”

i.              Note: If an individual is marked Primary on multiple Organizations then they will received multiple emails. (Any change to this logic would require a PBI)

2.             Address Bug whereby email is not supported within Organization

3.             Test and Correct Merge Fields that are preventing Organization emails to be sent


Deploy Currently Supported QRT Report QRT will provide Fields pulled for individuals, organizations, and committees are: Entity Type, Full Name, Prefix, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Suffix, Mail Name, Salutation 1, Salutation 2, Default Address 1, Default Address 2, Default Address 3, Default Address City, Default Address State, Default Address Zip, Default Address County, Employer, Occupation, Email 1, Email 2, Home Phone, Work Phone, Mobile Phone, HouseHold Name, Household Salutation, Latest Receipt Amount, Latest Receipt Date, Maximum Receipt Amount, Maximum Receipt Date





Action Center - Issue with 'Action Alert --> Take Action'


Action Center : Wizard fails to load targets if both "custom > individual" and "custom > saved query" options are selected.


Fly-In Generate Handouts and Schedule never completes when select all checked


Action Center : Non-editable textboxes should not allow to write in boxes.


Action Center - Email does not include legislator's information


Shows 'Available Fields' multiple times when user does 'Add/Edit Fields and Calculations'


Action Center - ASCA: Target lists disappear, when action alert is published/unpublished


Cannot set Default Employer


Relationship Search Types not in alphabetical order


5 Digits zip not importing {15157} (276167)


Action Center - x: preserve user's dropdown selections (enhancement)


x - QRT ADMIN not navigating to chosen client set


VPA removes existing City/State/Zip4/County/Fips Code on invalid Zip Code


Action Center: Employer selection must not stop participants from taking action


Action Alert: process Legislators with multiple active districts


Thrivent-Change text in Check Request email


SMS Text not sending messages


Program is not selected in dropdown, when 'New Pledge' is created from Programs page


Date field in Bank Rec report needs to be corrected


Programs: Icon missing from the link


Deleted Bills and Votes cannot be re-added


Bills and Votes: Shows duplicate entries in 'Type' dropdown while adding Sponsors.


x-Available Balance not pulling everyone


x-Transmittal page does not show contributor


x-Request History Recipient show incorrect results


x - Pledges recorded in programs do not show


x / Mail Merge Broken on Precinct Name {27426}


Error Creating New Receipt Record


Treasurer's Report: Date formatting not retained in report


x: Error while creating mass email activity - DIRECTMAIL


Demo: Unable to open Action Alerts due to missing host site


The Quick Search screen showing both Active and Inactive Individuals when Db settings is set to HYBRID.


Receipt not recording in Program Activities report


Program Activities Report missing webform stats


x: Click Through Tracked Links Not Appearing on Email Blast Metrics


x: Poll Analysis Report CSV Exporting and Printing not formatted properly


Changed Default District not updating in header


x: Poll Analysis Report % CV column truncated


x: Poll Analysis Report Sum show long decimal


Fly-In: Make Appointment Request(s) – Change label to “Complete Registration”


Fly-In: Close Button in Meeting Confirmation page not available


Fly-In: Meeting(s) You Have Requested in Meeting Confirmation Page


Fly-In: Meeting(s) You Have Requested in Meeting Confirmation Page


Neither send email nor show email count on stats page


Send email to 'ALL ORGANIZATIONS', even if only 'PRIMARY' is selected (for Saved List)


x Blocker - Mass Activity Overview - Status Breakdown Not Working


Cannot Access Webform on Release site


Move dropdown to 'Target Selection' page to remove depending on current selection.


Fly-In: Complete Registration button remain disabled


Unable to access 'Mass Email Wizard'


Shows email count = '0', on selecting all the merge fields.


Results on clicking counts on stats page



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Last updated: 21 May, 2014
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