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Last updated: 12 Nov, 2014

 Overview: The focus of the April Release was completing substantive changes to the Fly-In Module and completing planned enhancement to the Legislator Record – specifically breaking out legislative committees, sub-committees and caucuses.  We had several “one-off” projects as well for our customers and developing an API to enhance data for a national party committee.    

 May Release:  We are currently in the planning phase for the May release. We have an extremely large compliance related enhancement to support Independent Expenditures appropriately within 360 as well as several large reports due to valued clients. I would like to modify the add New Legislator functionality as this was disrupted in the Legislator Page revamp. We are also engaging a API project to support Conduit transactions between and 360.

 We are kicking off the Action Center Redesign process with the focus on the back-end and front-end User Interface which will drive the overall development process.  Creative resources have been made available to Product Management and we will be reaching out to clients to engage in the process. We have already started getting creative up to speed on where we are now and where we would like to go.  We will be treating the Action Center project as a distinct product launch with the goal of bringing something to market that will make a profound difference in respect to user satisfaction AND stability.

 Process Update: The March release was the first to include a new development process and methodology. We have seen specific improvements on build, quality of the development and team velocity.  We were able to deliver more enhancements, bug fixes and correct more critical issues during this release cycle.


Legislator Record Enhancements

Legislative and Political Committee Management –Improve data visibility regarding legislator information to our clients.

Header is improved to show if Legislators is in Leadership. For Example: Harry Reid displays as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.  

We have broken out Leadership, Legislative Committee, Sub-Committee, Caucus and Political Committee. You will now see radio buttons to select the type of committee which reduces the number of entities considerably so you can quickly find what you are looking for.

We have updated the Add Legislative Committee functionality to include Descriptors and brief introduction. Also –when adding a Legislative Committee to a Legislator we have updated the method for searching for Legislative Committees so that you can simply type in “Agriculture” and it will return all appropriate committee names that contain the term. Should make finding new committees much less difficult.

When a Member is in Leadership, the new Legislative & Political Committee Tab will default to Leadership. If not in Leadership, you will have the panel open to Legislative Committee. Please note that you can drill down into a specific committee from the panel. The Leg Committee and Sub-Committee’s natural sort order will be to display first those committees in which they are Chairs. Each column may be re-order by clicking column header to assist the user in identifying the appropriate committee as well. 

Updated Individual’s record to include Staff relationship with Legislative Committees (Leadership, Sub-Committee etc.)

Political Contribution System  

·          Political Contribution System: PCS is not assigning proper sub-types within Disbursements (PBI 15091). Provides proper categorization of transactions.

·          Political Contribution System: PCS Void button on check request for clients not using SAP.


New Report – General Release to PAC Clients

Treasurers Report – Division Performance Analysis: Go To Reports -> PAC Management-> Treasurer’s Report. Report permits users that maintain Corporate Divisions & PAC eligibility flag to select a Group where this data is stored. The system will remember for future reporting purposes.  The report will show the following:

1)       Summary Report

a.        Performance based on Division 

                                                               i.      Number of Eligibles

                                                              ii.      Percent of Eligibles Contributing

                                                            iii.      Amount

2)       Disbursements To Committees Detail Report broken out By House/Senate –If Committee is not linked it will itemized those with warning message to link them so report will categorize appropriately

a.        By Office

                                                               i.      Candidate Name (Party-St-##)

                                                              ii.      Amount

b.        Party Committees – Name and Total

c.        PACs – Name and Total

3)       Receipt Detail Report – Breaks out report by Employee Division

a.        Division

b.        Employee Name

c.        Employer Name

d.        City

e.        State

f.         Amount

 Fly-In Module

Multiple PBIs were implemented to deliver a major product release focused on automating our Fly-In Capabilities.


Auto-Meeting Configuration: The system will configure meetings automatically as they are requested via  the Fly-In Website. As a participant asks to meet with a specific member or members the system will check the  database to see if a meeting has been previously requested and associate all subsequent meetings to the initial one in the database.  This radically simplifies the configuration of multiple meetings to the same legislator and eliminates duplicates without client intervention.

 Bulk Appointment Status Change- The Fly-In back-end now supports the ability to select multiple records sharing a same status and batch change to a new status. Our clients schedule hundreds of meetings with several hundred participants and this provides the ability to easily manage multiple meetings status.


Participant Quick Search –Supports the ability to search for participants regardless if they are primary or subsequent meeting requestors. Permits administrator to quickly locate meetings that a participant requested.

 Legislator Present Check-Box – Default is now set to not attending

 Support Back-Dating of Notes

 NOTE: Previous release delivered multiple changes to managing Registration Page and Content to provide a more informative and better workflow.

 Other Projects

Texas Client FTP Import Routine – Provided FTP Import Routine that is extendable to all other State Realtors

 Custom Client PAC Participation ReportCustom PAC Participation report for Reynolds. Supports comparison by division of Participants/Non Participant and show Participation percentage.

·         Exploded View Support the Following by Division:

o    Drill down into Participants contributions

o    Drill down into non-participants.

o    Drill down to transaction level


 Custom Client Budget Report – Spreadsheet style report to detail budgeting done within 360.

 Convert Individuals to Organizations Routine – This can be implemented for other Campaigns (NOT Available to PACs).  Campaign client(s) sometimes mistakenly create organizations as an individual record. This provides a ready conversion utility to make them Organizations.

 **CONFIDENTIAL**National Party API IntegrationAPI will query and match data within 360 to party data and write back to 360.  This is only available to clients who have security token for specific Party Committee.

 Mass Email For VIQ  - Provide Mass Email support for VIQ

 OLP Projects – Add Voter to QB Search & Election Response Candidate Flag





Sprint 42 16049      Fly-In: Error Participant Saving

                16191      Fly-In: 'All' should be checked by default.

                16204      Text 'Filter:' should be aligned with 'Search:'

                16213      Sorting of the values in dropdown is incorrect

                16290      Shows incorrect 'Title' in header of the generated report

                16301      UI Bugs

                16303      Participation does not show value '0.00%'

                16316      Shows incorrect grand total of 'Total' column

                16318      Does not show group, if there are no participants/non-participants in it

                16353      Shows random image from repository

                16376      Shows incorrect value of 'Non-Participants'

                16384      More UI Bugs

                16387      Header should be repeated on all pages of exported file

                16391      Does not show updated 'Employer' of the participant/non-participant

                16538      Browser Title: Aristotle 360 -

                16540      Returns Display not showing Address 3

                16541      Mouse Hand Hover not showing when pointer move to button

                16542      Next to the returns button is not consistent with Aristotle standard

                16543      Next to the returns button text showing ? mark

                16545      Returns Display Column Showing Mouse Hand Hover

                16548      Upon choosing any option the box should close when the action taken

                16561      New record with no address can bring up search results

                16564      Registration Date not imported correctly

                16567      Deleted Phone Field will not update with Phone record

                16570      Successfully Merged Data with 360, but Progress Spin in background

                16571      Button 'Merge WIth 360?' showing Typo

                16579      Search result should bring up partial matches

                16616      API (Individual) is incorrectly displaying DOB

                16621      merge saves wrong address

                16622      overwrite from GOP Data overwrites even if blank

Sprint 42 Total                       

Sprint43  14668      Action Alert: process Legislators with multiple active districts

                14908      X - Error in File>New Disbursement when name includes ' symbol

                15064      X: Handle the comma input or provide a validation warning

                15076      X: REPORTING --> Grassroots Reports --> Program Report --> data gets selected in 'Programs' dropdown.

                15726      Constituents & Relationships Tab: Grasstops and Key Contacts grid not respecting Inactive flag

                15787      X: Unable to save output preferences

                16238      Fly-In:Upon Closing Registration Confirmation page resolves to a blank page

                16312      Fly-in Auto Configurator - Still able to submit meeting requests when Fly-In is Closed

                16324      Staff Does not show Legislative Committee or Leadership Relationship

                16431      Appointment list sorting not retained when an appointment is deleted

                16434      address not updating from Enhance GOP Data

                16465      Change label on Appointment page from "Add Note" to "Notes"

                16483      Federated access email unsubscribe: Re-subscription does not respect FA

                16573      Fly-In: Incorrect 'Created On' date on updating any appointment

                16623      Drop-downs to add committee not respecting Federal filter

                16638      Labels in "Constituents and Relationships" tab have moved

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Article ID: 1144
Last updated: 12 Nov, 2014
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