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Overview:  The May release largest development projects included worked associated with our Barracuda Load Balancer, Enhancing Grasstops/Key Contact capabilities to capture, search and display Strength of relationship, finalizing our on-going Fly-In product enhancements (primarily Reporting) and launching our Conduit Contribution Website.  We also developed a number of client directed custom report and applied a further enhancement to our Division Report that will now provide visibility at the Sub-Division level as well.  Lastly, we did correct how New Legislators are added within the application which was unfortunately disrupted in our Legislator page re-orgs.  During this period we also began client interviews relating to the Action Center re-design.  Two compliance driven items consisted of adding support for Independent Expenditure Paid Date field and enforcing a single Active Default Employer for individuals.

  July Release:  The July Release is set to be released on July 2nd. Again we will be executing two three week Sprints.  The first will consist of enhancements and technical Product Backlog Items and the second will be exclusively Bugs (Critical) and reporting. We will continue to manage any Blockers throughout the release period with a dedicated Blocker team.

The July Release is focused on kicking off Action Center related functionality specifically incorporating linking Action Alerts and Action Center within our current Blast Email Wizard to make sending alert much more efficient and eliminating the need for the user to hunt down and modify links.   We will also be enhancing VIQ Email capabilities.  We will also provide some advanced user controls relating to CAPTCHA and Unsubscribe utility.  Included within this release will be  support for a  Political Committee and Disbursement Import.   We also have a number of customer requested reports as well as some additional items we are scoping out now. 


Enforce Single Employer By Default – In rare occurrences client data may have multiple employers marked as default. This has delayed reporting as Aristotle would need to run scripts to correct this issue to set single employer to default. This enhancement should keep their data in a ready state moving forward for filing PAC Compliance Reports. (Programming has been completed on this item and testing has been successfully completed on our standard import. We are testing custom imports created by Technical Services to insure there is no negative impact. Once we are certain of implication on tech services managed imports we will release)

 Independent Expenditure Paid Date Field – Our compliance experts have, based on revised filing requirements regarding Independent Expenditures, requested two additional fields be added to 360. We have added a new calendar field and Paid status radio button. These fields may be searched and exported.

Grasstops/Key Contact Relationship Strength –Based on recent enhancements to how 360 manages your Grasstops and Key Contacts we have provided added visibility to your relationships. You may now add a field expressing the  “Strength” of the relationship. This can be text based “Strong” or as a numeric values based upon your own convention, “10” for example.

Conduit Contribution Website Aristotle has developed an integrated Conduit Contribution Website that permits PAC members to make directed contributions to candidate committees using a web interface. This website is integrated with CC.COM to process your transactions and write back to your 360 PAC Management Database to insure full compliance with FEC regulations.   The Conduit Contribution Website is a great way for a PAC to demonstrate the organization’s support to a defined set of legislators by connecting their donors to favored candidates.  Since the PAC works as a conduit there is no impact on the PAC’s contribution limits to the candidate.  Since it is fully integrated with 360, there is no impact on reporting these transactions to the FEC.

Constituent & Relationships – To make the user aware of exactly what area is active in the Constituent and Relationship grid we have applied a font treatment to highlight which group of Constituents are active.  Also – the previous font was difficult to read so we have darkened the font for better visibility.

 Current Select Hover TextWe know our clients are pressed for time and need to know certain information instantly. For Example: A PAC Donor calls in. It would be great to know and thank them for)a recent contribution – now you can. Simply cursor over any name (Individual, Legislator or Staff) and information will be displayed within the Hover Text.

·         Individual Hover Text – Includes Name, State/District (Federal), Party, Home and Work Phone, Preferred Email, Last Contribution Amount & Date, YTD Receipts (Includes all transactions, including negative with the exception of Memo transactions) and all their contributions from  Last Year.

·         Staffer Hover Text – Displays Name, Staff Title,  Linked Legislator, State, District, Work Phone, Mobile (if any) and Email when avaiable

·         Legislator Hover Text – Includes Prefix Leg Name, State & District, Party, Cap Office, Phone, Email (or webform), Last Disbursement and Date, YTD Disbursement and Last Year Disbursement. This will provide a total disbursement amount across all Linked Committees (such as Candidate Committee(s) or Linked Leadership PAC).

Create New Legislator  - Creating a New Legislator has been revised to make adding a legislator less complicated. Due to changes made to the Legislator Page it was necessary to modify how the user adds a Legislator.  This should make this process much easier for the user. Simply Select New Legislator->Add Name (Save)->Link District->Add Contact Information.

 Quick Search Display Inactive Individual/Company Records – This enhancement is designed to support customers who wish, using Quick Search, to search for active and inactive records.  Since all 360 clients have this setting set to “active only” by default please ask your Account Manager to enable this feature.

New Reports & Modifications

Treasurers Report – The Treasurers Report has been updated to support Sub-Division break out within the summary. Also the report will now identify additional contributions made by employees who may have been PAC Eligible during your selected date range but have since seen their PAC eligible flag changed to inactive.  This fills in a gap where individual donors may have left the organization and were not being itemized on the report making it difficult to reconcile the report. These individuals are itemized as well. Ask your Account Manager to have this report enabled for your account

Fly  In Reporting - Multiple PBIs were implemented (over the last two releases) to deliver a major product release focused on automating our Fly-In capabilities. The final enhancement planned for 2014 reflects reporting. We have revised the Fly In Schedule & Handout Report. We have included a flag indicating the Legislator will be in attendance to help set expectations with Fly In Attendees.  Also , a  new mapping image has been included as well as some formatting changes to make the report look crisp and professional. The DC Map image can be turned on or off based on client preference.

Master Planning Schedule Report – This report will assist you manage last minute changes to your fly in.. We have insured that all fields are maintained within a single row to facilitate sorting as well as making the a spreadsheet ready made for our Pivot Table enthusiasts.

 Client Specific Report –QRT Disbursement Report and Payroll Allocation Report

 Bugs & Enhancements Comprehensive List

Work Item Type





Mass Email - Terms shows 'Source File:' instead of 'Accept Terms'


Import Manager Not Matching via work/personal email


Fly-in: Generate schedule/Handouts search directs to New Individual if ENTER is pressed


Fly-in: Force user to login screen when session times out


Unable to change default employer


XXX API integration error page when API connection could not be established


Import Wizard setting random GUID for Address Created By


Client Blocker - Mass Activities Results Not Reporting Accurately


Client- Briefing book doesn't generate report for an event


Client : Quick Search for Organization needs to be refactored


Participant Address still showing


Date should be 'Appointment Date'


Text is incorrect


Login to Client  via SSO Password issue


Client - Add email at unsubscribe manager not displaying added email


Date format is still DD-MM-YYYY


Relationship types not displaying correctly


Missing hover text


Note should be the recent note in report


Add/Edit relationships dialog displays maximum of 25 relationships


Ind Exp Paid date will not save


Server error when including return key in Account Manager email


Query Builder search for Independent Expenditure does not take into account Null value for field


Client Report: Alternate blank page when print report

Bug Total

Product Backlog Item


Radio Button and back-end solution to employer defaults


Independent Expenditure Paid Date Field


Fly-In Handout Reports Remove seconds time field


Fly In Admin: Support Alternative Staffer and Re-Order Staff List


Move All DB Objects currently Located in Master DB


Conduit Contribution Website and 360 API integration


Client  Report Modification Add Support for Sub-Divisions and show givers who are now pac ineligible


Grasstops Relationship: Show strength of Relationship in Grid


Create New Legislator


Fly In Reporting: Modify Fly In Schedule Report Remove Participant Address Column


Fly In: Create Master Planning Schedule Report


Constituents & Relationships - Apply font treatment to indicate what value is selected


Grid Hover Text On Individual, Legislator, Staff Records


Fly In Reporting: Display Legislator Attending Meeting in reports be displayed based on Check Box in Admin


Client Disbursement Report


Client  Payroll Allocation Report QRT


Grasstops Relationship Strength


Fly-In Update Handout Feedback Report


QuickSearch Display Inactive Individual/Company Records


Sprint 44 Folllow Up Items

Product Backlog Item Total

Technical Backlog Item


Component Art related code need to be modified to run 360 web application through Barracuda


Log Request/Response time per user





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