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Setting a Primary Contact for an Organization

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Last updated: 02 Oct, 2013

Making an Individual an Employee
To begin, first locate the individual in the 360 database. This is done using quick search. Once the record is found, click on the record to access it.
Inside the record towards the top of the page in the “Basic Information” section you will have an Employer field. To the right of this field a magnifying glass is shown. Select this icon.
Selecting the magnifying glass icon will open a window that will allow you to search for the desired organizational record. Upon entering this new window in the “Select Employer” field you will need to type in the name of desired organization. A list will be displayed where you can simply click on employer name, which will present you with the screen shown below.
Select the desired role for the employee from the dropdown box.
After the Role has been selected you will want to place a check mark in the available check box for “Default” to indicate that is the individua'ls default employer. If this is not their default employer this can be left unchecked. Save Changes in the upper right corner when completed.
Assigning Employee as Primary Contact
Now that the individual’s record has had the employer set, we will go into the Organization record and assign them as a primary contact. Search for the Organization record that we assigned the employee to. Quick Search can be used for this.
Upon accessing the Organizational record note towards the bottom of the page the “Employees, Related Contacts & Affiliates” section. Click on this section to expand and view employees.
All employees that have been linked to this organization will be listed. Select the ‘edit” link to the far right of desired record.
Selecting “Edit” will open a smaller new window, which allows you to select their contact type (Finance, Grassroots, etc., as well as their role with the organization). At the very bottom of this section you will have a check box for “Primary Contact”. To assign individuals as the primary contact place a check mark in this box. Click “Save” when complete.
Upon returning to the organization record you will note that the “Primary” column will have a green check mark indicating that the individual is now the primary contact.

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Article ID: 1129
Last updated: 02 Oct, 2013
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