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Mass Email Wizard, Step 3

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Last updated: 02 Jul, 2014

On the Create Content step of the email blast creation, insert all of the content elements of the email blast.

There are three different methods by which Mass Email content can be created:

  1. Type straight into the editor and compose your mass email in full here. The editor allows you to format the font and size of your text, and you can also use the Insert/Edit Image button to insert images into your content. The images, however, must be hosted on a server.
  2. Click the Source button in the upper left to switch the editor to HTML mode. Doing so will allow you to type the content of your mass email with HTML formatting.
  3. Click the Email Template button to use an existing template for the content of your mass email.
Email Subject will be the subject line of your mass email.
Merge Fields allows you to insert fields from the database into your mass email to personalize each individual email for the person it is being sent to. For example, if you are sending to the John Smith individual record and you add the First Name and Last Name merge fields to your mass email, the email sent to John Smith will contain his first and last name.
Linking to Action Alerts, Action Center, Fly-In, Webforms, email and  hyperlinks
360 provides the ability for your supports to access links where they may take specific action (Take Action on an alert, make a contribution, register for a Fly-In).  By clicking on the Icon shown below the email administrator may select a Link Type (which will set the appropriate type such as Action Center, Action Alert, Webform, Fly-In etc.). After selecting Link Type, dependent options are shown. In the example below, we have selected Action Alert and select from the drop down the Energy Independence  Alert.   From this same screen you will also be able to select Click Through Tracking and Auto-login.
Click Through Tracking allows you to insert a hyperlink and track which of your recipients clicked the respective hyperlink.
1. In the Text to display field, enter the text that you wish to appear in the email as the hyperlinked text.
2. In the Link To field, enter the URL to which you wish to send the email recipient when they click the hyperlink.
You have the option to append the recipient's information to the link in the event that you are directing them to a form (action alert, sign up form, contribution form, etc..) that is built by Aristotle and connected to your database. The form will pre-populate with the recipient's contact information stored in the database. PLEASE NOTE: Be careful using this feature. In the event that the recipient forwards the email to another individual, and that individual clicks the hyperlink to the form, the form will retain the originial email recipient's contact information.

Save as Draft button will allow you to save this mass email activity as a draft and then resume working on it at some point in the future. You can resume working on it by going to Activities > View/Search Mass Activities and clicking the ‘Open’ icon next to this mass email.

email wizard step 3

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Article ID: 1108
Last updated: 02 Jul, 2014
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