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Bills and Votes Data

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Last updated: 26 Sep, 2018

Bills and Votes Data 

State Bill and Vote Tracking

We have integrated a data call between Aristotle 360 and the OpenStates Project. Open States provides access to all US State Bills & Votes data under their Creative Commons Attribution License. We have taken their data and integrated within the Aristotle360 data structure. We provide this data as part of our Bills and Vote service though no additional fees are required for access to State Bill and Vote services.

Federal Bills and Votes Data

 The information you are able to add to your database via both the Track Bill From Feed and Track Vote From Feed buttons is provided by a separate database called KnowWho.
The KnowWho data has been vetted, verified and consolidated by Aristotle to ensure accurate and beneficial information is being added to your database when you use these features. The KnowWho database sends information to the 360 system every two hours, whereupon that data is automatically prepped and made available for loading to your database via the buttons above.
Track Bill From Feed
When you click the Track Bill From Feed button you are prompted to search and find a specific bill you would like to track.  
The results you see when running this search are coming from the KnowWho database. When you decide to track a bill, the Bill Information section will populate automatically with some relevant information about the bill.
The rest of the fields are available for you to use at your discretion to add additional notes or information about this specific bill. Please just make sure you save any changes you make by clicking the Save button above the Bill Information section.
Track Vote From Feed
The Track Vote From Feed button works very similarly to the Track Bill From Feed tool, in that you are running another small search to locate a specific piece of legislation for which you’d like to keep track of the Yea/Nay vote count.                  
The results you receive from this search are also provided by the KnowWho database and are polished and presented to you by Aristotle. When you decide to track a vote you will be provided with some extra information about that bill, including but not limited to the result (pass or fail), the total number of legislators for or against the bill, as well as a breakdown of each legislator’s specific vote.
Article ID: 1100
Last updated: 26 Sep, 2018
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