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Fly-In Overview

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Last updated: 04 Dec, 2012
The Fly-In is a feature that is primarily used by Aristotle 360 PAC (political action committee) clients. The name implies that an individual is traveling (flying) to meet with a legislator, and this feature essentially records this event.
When a New Congressional Fly-in is created its purpose is to set up a meeting between a PAC representative and legislators to discuss a particular topic of interest for that PAC in an effort to encourage a legislator to lobby in their favor.
After you create and save a congressional fly-in, you can add participants or import a list of participants
List Name - Name of list
List Description – Description of the list
Basic Information
  • This section provides an overview of a Fly-in and its information can be quickly seen under View Congressional Fly-ins.
  • Name: The name of the Fly-in event.
  • Start Date: The day the Fly-in event begins.
  • End Date: The day the Fly-in event will finish.
  • Status: Indicate whether this Fly-in event is open or closed.
  • Description: Details regarding the Fly-in event.
  • Address Line 1: The street address of the Fly-in event.
  • City: The city the Fly-in is located in.
  • State/Zip Code: The state and zip code of the Fly-in event’s location.
The other components to Fly-ins are as follows:
  • Participants
  • Appointments
  • Survey
  • View Congressional Fly-Ins
  • Meeting Summary

Article ID: 1095
Last updated: 04 Dec, 2012
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