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Fly-In Survey

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Last updated: 30 Nov, 2012

Fly-In Survey

The purpose behind this section is to collect vital data regarding the Fly-In itself and its attendees.

Within this area users are able to attach an existing survey, create a new survey, and View/Manage existing surveys.


Create a section

Once the survey is saved a new area will appear labeled sections.  User creates a section by naming and entering a description.

 Save and close. The section is now available for edit and adding/removing questions.

Sections available options

Selecting to edit will allow the changing of the sections name and description. Delete will remove the section completely.

Creating Questions

Select questions icon. A new area will appear labeled “Questions for section: (section name).

Select to “Add Question”.

Add a name and description to the question in the box that appears. (The name that is added is the question itself.)

 The questions section has the same option for edit and delete as listed above and they function the same.


To add answers select the radio button labeled Answers. (Marking this radio button will open a small pop up window where you create your answers.)

Select “Add Answer”. (You can create multiple answers per question.) 

(As shown below we have added multiple sections and answers)

 Select to Save or Save and Close once finished adding answers.

The survey has now been created and can be managed within the survey section of any Fly-in, as well attached survey to an already existing Fly-in without a survey attached to it already.

2. Print Participant Handouts

This area prints a sheet that lists participants with appointments. The details of their appointment time will be listed, as well as any survey questions that have been created. Survey questions will be listed underneath appointment details.  The name of the survey will appear at the top of the printout.

Article ID: 1090
Last updated: 30 Nov, 2012
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