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Accepting Online Donations Using Your Webforms

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Last updated: 07 Sep, 2013

The Setup Process

You have the ability to accept and process online credit card donations using your webforms. To set this up, the following must be done:

1) Log into your database and go to Settings > Credit Card Processing Settings

2) In the Settings section, enter your CampaignContribution account login ID (the account number) and your account password

3) Click Save Account Information

If you do not already have a account you can create a new one by clicking the Register a New Account hyperlink.

Once you have updated your 360 Credit Card Processing Settings, you can open your webform and begin setting up the credit card donation component.


Section Title: Allows for a custom name to be entered in the field to be used instead of the default ‘Credit Card Donation’.

Instructions: Enter text into this field to provide information that will appear below the Section Title.

Account: Select the Bank Account to be used that is associated with a Filing Committee. This account should match the account name set during the account creation.

Type: Allows for choosing the contribution type for the transaction (ie. Credit Card, Check, Cash, etc.)

Period: Allows for choosing the election period for the transaction.  Checking the box next to ‘Automatic Year Change’ will update the year of the selected election period at the beginning of each new year.

Source: Allows for selection of a Receipt Source (Found under Settings > Global Transaction Defaults > Receipt Source). The selected source will be recorded on each receipt processed through the form.

Advocate: Allows for the selection of an Activated Advocate (Found under Settings > Advocate Administration). Each receipt recorded through the form will be assigned to the selected advocate.

Recurrence:  Allows for a One-Time or Recurring donations, or Both.  Note if Recurring or Both are selected  a Contribution Duration option will be enabled which will allow for 1 Year, 2 Years, Forever or a Specific Date to be selected. The donor will have the option to contribution one time or via recurring donations as selected on the form.

Default Donation: Allows for a specific donation amount to set as the default.  Checking the ‘Read Only’ checkbox will lock the Amount field for the donor so they cannot change the amount that is set as the Default Donation.

Donation Limit: Allows for an amount to be set as the donation limit.   If a donor enters an amount over that limit a message will appear that states the donation will put it over the limit by ‘x’ amount.

How Are These Receipts Saved in 360?

When a donor accesses the web form and elects to give via credit card, upon clicking submit and successfully charging the credit card, a new receipt will automatically be created and saved to the donor's 360 record and confirmation of the charge will be recorded in the account.
You should always be sure to set up the internal email notification feature in the Form Options tab to notify you when a contribution has been submitted. This will tell you which record the receipt was saved to and will allow you to review all donations that come in to ensure you want to keep them.
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Article ID: 1089
Last updated: 07 Sep, 2013
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