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Import Troubleshooting Tips

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Last updated: 01 Sep, 2013

Importing can sometimes be a tricky process. If you run into trouble with an import, you should ensure the following:

1) The type of file you’re importing is either .csv or .xls:

Aristotle 360 cannot import .xlsx files so please be sure your import file has one of the above file type extensions.

NOTE: If you are importing a .csv file then you cannot have any commas or apostrophes. A comma or apostrophe located anywhere in your file will cause the import to fail.

2) The file you are importing does not have any invalid characters:

Examples of characters you should never have in an import file are brackets such as ' { ' or ' } ', quotation marks, question marks, etc.  Keep the data alphanumeric. 

3) There are no dollar signs anywhere in the import file if you are importing contribution information.

There are also two very useful ways to check the progress of a large import or see exactly which row (which individual or contribution in your file) at which the import failed.

1)      If you are importing contribution information you should always import into a batch. You do this in step 4 of the import wizard.

If you batch your import you can then go to File > Batches and check the number of receipts currently in that batch. This will tell you how many receipts have been imported at present, and could also tell you the point at the import failed.

2) If you are not importing contribution information, you should always import into a new group in step 4 of the import wizard. This will allow you to check the total number of records in that group to see how many records have been imported thus far or exactly which row the import failed.

You can then do the following to check the number of records currently in that Group:

1) Go to the Search tab and choose Advanced Search

2) In the 'Search Entities' section (upper left) click 'Groups'

3) Scroll through the 'Group' scroll menu until you find the new Group

4) Click 'Search'

The results of this search will tell you the number of records currently in that group and also tells you the progress of your import up to that point.

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Article ID: 1083
Last updated: 01 Sep, 2013
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