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Montana State Report

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Last updated: 03 Apr, 2012

Instructions for generating and filing the forms C-5 and C-6 from Campaign Manager

1)      Open and log into CM.

2)      Make sure all records are up to date with receipts and disbursements.

3)      Access the report parameters by Clicking: Reports> State> Montana

4)      Fill in all information on the Committee you are filing for. Name Address… ect.

5)      Make sure to fill in the correct reporting period dates and threshold itemization date.

6)      Choose the correct form type: Party = Form C-6, and Candidate = Form C-5.  AND if this is an Initial, Periodic, closing, or if there are no transactions to report.

7)      Pick the correct Filing Type: Amendment or original report

8)      Click “bank Accounts” and choose the Bank Accounts that you want to report.

9)      Choose the schedules you want: A, B, C, and/or D

10)   Fill in your Period beginning Cash on Hand and Corrections to Period amounts section.

11)   Electronic Format:

a.       To save an electronic format for upload in to Campaign/Committee tracker, the client should click the “Electronic Format” button on the bottom of the report parameters UI.

b.      Save the Files to the desired location or folder. We suggest you save on the Desktop for easy access. The Default save location is your  ’CM5’ folder.

c.       You must save Schedules A, B, C, and D individually.

12)   Click “Print” to generate the report.

13)   Review the PDFs to make sure the report is accurate.

14)   You are now ready to upload to Campaign or Committee Tracker.

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Article ID: 1071
Last updated: 03 Apr, 2012
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