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FEC Form 3L

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Last updated: 21 Jun, 2013

The Form 3L is required in certain cases when a committee receives bundled contributions from lobbyists/registrants, and lobbyist/registrant PACs. For more information on who must file a Form 3L, please contact the FEC.

Data entry for the 3L is done via the Advocate Function. For information on how to create and track Advocates in your database, please click here.

For an advocate to pull to the Form 3L, there must be contributions assigned to that advocate. This is done by entering the Advocate ID on the transaction itself


If you don't know the Advocate ID for the advocate you want to use, simply click on the magnifying glass next to Advocate ID field. This will bring up a list of your available advocates, and you can select one from there.

All transactions attributed to this advocate must have the Advocate ID field filled in for the report to pull an accurate total.

Next, go to Settings > Advocate Administration.

For each lobbyist that must appear on the report, be sure to check the Is Registered box is checked. If it is not checked, this advocate will not pull to the report.


To generate the Form 3L, go to Reporting > Compliance Reports. For Filing Authority, select “FEC,” and then choose “FEC Form 3L.”


Note: If you do not see this report available, please contact our Support Department, who can add this report to your database at your request.


Fill out the requested information and click Generate Report.

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Article ID: 1060
Last updated: 21 Jun, 2013
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