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Walkthrough: Manually Filing an FEC Report

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Last updated: 21 Jan, 2014

Manually Filing an FEC Report Using FECload.

There may be a time when you will need to file your FEC report outside of the 360 software, such as when using a back-door password to change a report type or date range. The steps below will guide you through using the FEC's Upload tool. To manually upload your report, you will need the upload software provided by the FEC. It can be found here:


If you already have the FEC software downloaded, please skip to step II.


I.                    Downloading and Unzipping the FEC Vendor Tools.

When downloading, choose “Save” to save the files to your computer. Locate the file where you downloaded it – you will see a zipped folder icon. Right-click, and choose “Extract All.”



Once the file has been unzipped, you will see three folders. We recommend that you do not save any files to, nor remove any files from this folder, as it can disrupt functionality.



You are now ready to file your report.


II.          Filing Your Report


  1. Open the “FECload” folder, then double-click “FECload” to open the program.



1.      Click File > Upload. Locate your FEC file (“Sample FEC Form”).



2.      You will now need to enter your e-filing information.

a.       ID: Enter your FEC Filing ID – it should be formatted like this: C12345678

b.      Fax: If you would like a faxed confirmation, enter your fax number here. This is not necessary.

c.       Password / Confirm: type your e-filing password. Please note, if you do not know your FEC e-filing password, you will need to contact the FEC – we do not have this information.

d.      Email 1 / Confirm: the email address where you would like to receive the receipt confirmation.

e.       Email 2 / Confirm: a second email for the confirmation (if desired)

f. This filing amends: If your file is an amendment, enter the Filing ID of the original report. This must be in the format FEC-123456, and it must be the filing ID of the original report. For example, if you are filing a second amendment, enter the original report ID, not the report ID of your first amendment.



3.      You have two options for e-filing your report: TCP/IP and SSL. Each of these will need specific information added to the “Configure” tab – please note, this tab will not be available until you have entered all of the information in Step 2.

      Please note: the two possible filing methods are equivilent, the choice of one over the other has only to do with your network settings. Normally TCP/IP is sufficient. If you receive a message on-screen stating that TCP/IP was unable to connect then you may wish to try SSL. Please note that your local network administrator may need to configure you network security to allow connections. The configuration tab should contain all of the information your network administrator will need.


a.       For TCP/IP, enter the following information:

                                                               i.      TCP/IP hostname:

                                                             ii.      Agency ID: FEC



b.       For SSL, enter the following information

                                                               i.      Port: 80

                                                             ii.      HTTP(s):

                                                            iii.      Agency ID: FEC




4.     Confirm that your information is correct, and click “OK.” The upload process will begin immediately. Please DO NOT close the FECload program until either:

a.       You receive an email confirmation from the FEC

b.      You receive a pop-up notification in the FEC uploader with a “Success!” message.


Please note: if you are unsure of whether or not your report was successfully uploaded, you can always check its status on the FEC website using your committee name and/or committee ID to search:


Please check the FEC website before attempting to file again.

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Article ID: 1055
Last updated: 21 Jan, 2014
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