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Add/Update Individual Employer

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Last updated: 02 Jun, 2011

 To add a new individual employer record the following function should be used. Note: if an individual already has an employer it will add this employer as a secondary employer record. If you want just to replace (update) an employer please see below for an example on UpdateIndividualEmployer.

Adding new employer:

setIndividualInfoWebService.setIndividualInformationWebService wsSetInd = new        API_Test.setIndividualInfoWebService.setIndividualInformationWebService();

string result = wsSetInd.AddIndividualEmployer(new Guid(indGUID), "Company 1", username, password);

To replace an individual employer:

setIndividualInfoWebService.setIndividualInformationWebService wsIndEmp = new API_Test.setIndividualInfoWebService.setIndividualInformationWebService();

string result =  wsIndEmp.UpdateIndividualEmployer(new Guid(indGUID), "Company 2", cloGUID, username, password);

where cloGUID is a company location GUID of the current employer (return by the getIndividualInformationWebService webservice).

Both calls retun an XML string. For more information on the return value please see:

Article ID: 1048
Last updated: 02 Jun, 2011
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