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Reporting In-State Activity Only on a State Report

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Last updated: 13 May, 2011

Reporting In-State Activity Only on a State Report

Some state reports only require that you report transactions that were collected either within the state or for in-state campaigns. For further information on which states require this type of reporting, and what kind of transactions should be disclosed, please consult your local state analyst.

Selecting on state-specific transactions for a report is done from the report generation screen of your state report. The Arizona state report is shown as an example - please be aware that your report generation screen may look slightly different.

There are two options for generating a state report with in-state activity only.

The first option is to select “By Address.” This will select which transactions to pull based on the state listed in the Primary Address for the entity. This requires no additional data entry.

The second option is to select “By Transaction State.” This will select only transactions where the transaction’s State field has been set to the state for which this report is being run (e.g. Arizona).

Please note: this option requires specific data entry within the transaction itself:

Only transactions where the State has been set will be pulled to your report. By default, the State field in a transaction is blank, so it must be selected when doing data entry.

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Article ID: 1040
Last updated: 13 May, 2011
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