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Walkthrough: Filing the FEC Form 6 (48-Hour Notice of Contributions/Loans received)

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Last updated: 25 Jul, 2011

Filing the FEC Form 6 (48-Hour Notice of Contributions/Loans Received)

For information about who must file a Form 6, and when it must be filed, please see the FEC website:

When filing a Form 6 using Aristotle 360, you will use the manual uploader to file the report, instead of filing it directly through the system. This help file will walk you through this process.

Generating your Form 6

1.    To generate your Form 6, mouse over the Reporting tab and choose “Compliance Reports.” For Filing Authority, choose “FEC,” then click the “FEC Form 6”


***Please note: if you do not see this option, and you need to file a Form 6, please contact Support for assistance.***

2.    Fill out the three tabs and click “Generate:”
           a.    Accounts: Choose the correct filing committee and bank account(s).
           b.    Form Information: Enter the date range for your report
           c.    Settings: Additional options for the report

Downloading your Report and the Vendor Tools

1.    When the report has finished generating, you will see a pop-up with four choices:


a.    To download a viewable version of your FEC file (PDF): Click the Print button. This will bring up your document in a viewable format.

b.    To download your FEC file: click on the first link (Click on ____ to download your FEC file) to download and save your FEC file (e.g. “Sample Form 6”). Be sure to save it somewhere you can locate again (such as “My Documents” or the Desktop).

c.    To view your validation file: click on the second link to download your validation file (Click on _____ to download the report generated by the FEC). This will inform you of any warnings or errors with your report.

d.    To download the Vendor Tools: click the third link (Click here to download Aristotle Vendor Tools): you will need to do this only once. After clicking on the Vendor Tools link, save the file to your computer:



           e.    Locate the saved file. Right click on the file, and choose “Extract All,” “Unzip,” or similar.


Filing Your Form 6

1.    Once it has extracted, open the unzipped file you just created (it should now have a normal folder icon, not a zipped one). You will now see a series of folders and files.


2.    Open the FECload folder, then double-click the FECload icon to open the program.


3.    Click File > Upload. Locate your FEC file (“Sample Form 6”).


4.    You will now need to enter your e-filing information.

a.    ID: Enter your FEC Filing ID – it should be formatted like this: C12345678
b.    Fax: typically not necessary
c.    Password / Confirm: type your e-filing password. Please note, if you do not know your FEC e-filing password, you will need to contact the FEC – we do not have this information.
d.    Email 1 / Confirm: the email address where you would like to receive the receipt confirmation.
e.    Email 2 / Confirm: a second email for the confirmation (if desired)

5.    Choose “TCP/IP” as the filing method.

6.    Click the Configure tab at the top. **Note: you will not be able to click Configure until you have entered the information above.** Enter the following information:
           a.    TCP/IP hostname:
           b.    Agency ID: FEC


7.    Confirm that your information is correct, and click OK. The upload process will begin immediately. Please DO NOT close the FECload program until:

a.    You receive an email confirmation from the FEC, letting you know that they have received your file, and/or:
b.    You receive a pop-up notification in the FEC uploader with a “Success!” message.

Please note: if you are unsure of whether or not your report was successfully uploaded, you can always check its status on the FEC website using your committee name and/or committee ID to search:

Please check the FEC website *before* attempting to file again.

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Article ID: 1034
Last updated: 25 Jul, 2011
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