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Credit Card Processing
First you must set up your account for credit card processing.  To do this, navigate through the menu bar to Settings-> Credit Card Processing. On the Credit-Card Processing Settings page, enter your Account Login ID and password for your account.  Click the...
31 Dec, 2013
Create Receipts from File Menu
This method of data entry allows you to create a receipt without having to access the entitiy record or load quick entry.  This is useful for entering one Receipt. One way to enter a new Receipt is to go to File > New Receipt. This will cause the Receipt Edit fly out...
17 Dec, 2011
Troubleshooting: Partnership memos not displaying
Partnership memos not displaying If you create a Partnership - "Memo" and link it to each individual, you may wonder why it won't print out on a report.  The reason is: The Organization Type "Partnership/LLC"  and "Association" are not supported by the Federal Reports. You...
04 Oct, 2010
Proper data entry for Reattribution of contributions on FEC Form 3 or 3X
The following is an example of a contribution that was reported in Q1, but then was partially reattributed to a spouse/other person during Q2. This involves 4 transactions in total: 1) The original contribution Example: Entity: Ellen Nye TYPE: Contribution SUBTYPE: Check Date: 03/13/2010 Amount:...
04 Oct, 2010