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Entities / Master Records
Components Common to all Records Pages
1. Menu Bar: The Menu Bar appears at the top of all pages to facilitate quick transitions from one task to the next. 2. Options Bar: All records have an Options Bar just above the record form; however, the available options differ from one type of record to the next. The buttons on this bar allow...
12 Jun, 2009
Exporting a List
List View provides a way to export a list or group to another file format. You may want to use this data for printed lists, mail merges, or for import into other programs. 1. To export records to a file, first select to check all those records you want assigned in the List View window. 2. Next,...
14 Jun, 2013
How to enter Oklahoma (OK) contributor/vendor IDs in 360
How to retrieve contributor/Vendor ID’s from the state website:   Login to the state server at Manually add new contributor and vendor records. In the Committee Administration section, download a csv of all current contributor and vendor ID...
30 Jun, 2010