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A Quick Selection is a saved criteria or query that you can reference in your searches, mass activities, and activity campaigns.

Advanced Search
The Advanced Search can be found by going to Search > Advanced Search. The Advanced Search is the most robust search that we have in 360. From here you can search on almost every field in a record. After entering in your criteria select Search. This will polulate you list into the Results...
18 Dec, 2011
private Query Builder vs Advanced Search
18 May, 2011
Advanced Search on Multiple Values (Cities, Counties, etc.)
To search on multiple Cities, Conties, ect. type in the first city and then type "or" and then the next city. Repeat untill you have entered all the cities you would like to search on. For example if I wanted to search for individuals who live in both Arlington and Alexandria, I would type...
18 May, 2011
Basic Search
The Basic Searches can be found under the Search tab on the tool bar. The Basic Searches are split up into several categories and subcategories. The Categories are Individual Search, Organization Search, Legislator Search, Committee Search, Receipt Search, Disbursement Search, Activity...
17 Dec, 2011
Disbursement Search
To search for a Disbursement, go to Search > Disbursement Search from the menu bar.  Here you are presented with a few options to search one or more disbursements by.  You can search using Basic Search, By Individuals, By Organizations, By Committees, By Legislators, By Events...
18 Dec, 2011
Exporting a Saved List
Lists generated through searches can be exported to various file formats for further analysis, etc. Aristotle offers the ability for the user to select the appropriate fields to be exported. To export a list: Go to Search > List Manager. Locate the desired list and click the "View"...
18 Dec, 2011
List Manager
From the List Manager you can open, edit, and delete lists. Open in Universal List - Click on this icon to open a popup menu which gives you the option to open All, Individuals, Committees, Organizations or Legislators which populate the relevant list. Please see the instructions for...
11 Jun, 2009
List Processing
List Processing List A – Click in the box and search for the first list you would like to manipulate. List B – Click in the box and search for the second list you would like to manipulate. Results Join – Select this option to combine the two lists. Note that if...
15 Aug, 2012
Receipt Search
In the Reciept Search you are able to search all of you receipts in you dataset based on various criteria. The search result populate on a list, but you will not be able to export or save the list. If you need to do this please use the Basic Search or Advance Search Functions. You can also...
15 Aug, 2012
Current Selection
Add/Edit Fields and Calculations – Click on the link to add additional fields to be viewed in the Universal List view. Note that you can use this feature if you select individual, committee, organization, or legislator when you open the list. A list of fields which can be added is...
11 Jun, 2009

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