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Financial Transactions
Why can I not add a transaction to a batch I created?
A common mistake when creating a batch is to put in a close date in before you are ready to close the batch. If you put a close date into a batch then you will not be able to add any transactions to the batch because by puting a close date in you have effectively "Closed" the batch. Do not put in...
11 Jun, 2009
"Force Itemize"
"Force Itemize" DOES NOT MEAN "Force Pull To the Report". This is only to pull a transaction that would normally pull to the report, but is below the threshold. For instance, the normal threshold for FEC reports is $200. If you have an Operating Expenditure that meets the criteria for...
06 Jul, 2010
Creating a New Filing Committee
To create a filing committee, Go to Settings > Filing Committees.  Click on the Add New Filing Committee link on the right-hand side of the page.
17 Dec, 2011
Creating Custom Election Cycles
Determining the Election Cycle Date Range Problem: The Calculated Field "Election Cycle Receipt Total" is not calculating the entire date range within the election cycle. Election Cycle Receipt Total is a calculated field determined by the configured election cycle.  To correct...
28 Apr, 2010
Linking a Committee's Disbursement to a Legislator
The preferred method to link a committee's disbursement to a Legislator is to add the Legislator as "Candidate" in the "Committee Staff" section of the committee's record. When a candidate is linked to a committee record, a memo transaction will automatically be generated. The following method...
08 Mar, 2010
FEC Form 3 Types and Subtypes Chart
Form 3 Types and Subtypes Chart Schedule A (Contributions) Line Entity Type Subtype Line 11(a)   contributions (other than loans) from individuals/persons other...
06 Feb, 2014
FEC Form 3x Receipt Types and Sub-Types
Entity: Line # Type Sub-Type Individual 11(a) Contribution Check       Credit Card       Payroll Deduction  ...
03 Oct, 2013
FEC Form 3X Disbursement Types and Sub-Types
Entity: Line # Disbursement Type Sub-Type         ALL 21(a)/H4 Joint Activity Administrative Admin Memo Previous Year ...
03 Oct, 2013
Reporting In-State Activity Only on a State Report
Reporting In-State Activity Only on a State Report Some state reports only require that you report transactions that were collected either within the state or for in-state campaigns. For further information on which states require this type of reporting, and what kind of transactions should be...
13 May, 2011
Entering Earmarked Contributions
If you are the conduit, choose Receipt TYPE: Earmarked (Conduit); SUBTYPE: {as appropriate}. **Please note, SUBTYPE: Directed, Non-Deposited; Non-Directed, Non-Deposited and Memo will pull to the report as a memo transaction.** If you are the end recipient, choose Receipt...
13 Jun, 2014

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