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Fly-In Overview
Fly-In The Fly-In is a feature that is primarily used by Aristotle 360 PAC (political action committee) clients. The name implies that an individual is traveling (flying) to meet with a legislator, and this feature essentially records this event. When a New Congressional Fly-in is created its...
04 Dec, 2012
Fly-In Participants
Fly-In Participants   Congressional Fly-in  Organizations usually facilitate constituent in-person visits by flying in their champion advocates to Capitol Hill or to district offices. Participants In this section you can generate a list of your champion advocates.   You can...
04 Dec, 2012
Fly-In Appointments
Fly-In > Appointments   The purpose of Appointments is to set up a meeting in advance with a legislator. This function allows the meeting to be created with the date, time, and a survey to bring to the meeting.   To view current Fly-in Appointments  ...
30 Nov, 2012
Fly-In Survey
Fly-In Survey  The purpose behind this section is to collect vital data regarding the Fly-In itself and its attendees. Within this area users are able to attach an existing survey, create a new survey, and View/Manage existing surveys.   Create a section...
30 Nov, 2012
View Congressional Fly-Ins
View Congressional Fly-Ins Provides a quick overview of all scheduled “Congressional Fly-Ins” events. From The Menu Tab select: Fly-Ins > View Congressional Fly-Ins All “Fly-Ins” will be listed and you may view all relevant information for the particular “Fly-Ins” such as: ...
30 Nov, 2012
Fly-In Meeting Summary Report
The Fly-In Meeting Summary Report   To access this report, you’ll need to:   Go to Reporting > Grassroots Reports > Meeting Summary Report Choose which previously-existing fly-in you’d like to run the report on Click ‘Run Report’     The Meeting Summary Report...
30 Nov, 2012