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Filing Committees
Filing Committee Basic Information
You will fill in the Basic Information with the same type of info that appears on your compliance report's cover page. Select the committee type, add a reg ID, and fill in the contact information. When done you need to click save at the top of the page to commit the information you have entered.
04 Oct, 2010
About Filing Committees
A Filing Committee is just a Committee record with a special designation. You can even view the same record on the committee page that you see on the filing committee page. You will not have as many options, and things like bank accounts, bank reports, and linked orgs are not available on the...
04 Oct, 2010
Selecting Filing Committee
You can have one or more filing committees in a dataset. You set up the info for the filing committee on the Filing Committees page by going to Settings > Filing Committees. Select the filing committee you wish to reveiw or edit by clicking on the magnifying glass next to the...
17 Dec, 2011
Creating a New Filing Committee
To create a filing committee, Go to Settings > Filing Committees.  Click on the Add New Filing Committee link on the right-hand side of the page.
17 Dec, 2011