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Creating a New Filing Committee
To create a filing committee, Go to Settings > Filing Committees.  Click on the Add New Filing Committee link on the right-hand side of the page.
17 Dec, 2011
Selecting Filing Committee
You can have one or more filing committees in a dataset. You set up the info for the filing committee on the Filing Committees page by going to Settings > Filing Committees. Select the filing committee you wish to reveiw or edit by clicking on the magnifying glass next to the...
17 Dec, 2011
Account Settings
The "Account Settings" page is where information about your organization is stored. Go to Settings > My Account Settings to access this information. Basic Settings - Your organization's contact information should be recorded here. Address Information - Your organization's address...
17 Dec, 2011
My User Settings
Information regarding you and your Aristotle 360 user account are stored on the "My User Settings" page. Go to Settings > My User Settings to access your settings. Basic Information - Your contact information, password, and landing page can be changed. Linked Individual - A individual...
17 Dec, 2011
Add/Edit Users
The "Add/Edit Users" page is under the settings tab.  If you have the appropriate permissions, the page allows you to: Search existing user accounts - Enter search terms in the search box, or group records by double clicking on a field name Modify existing user accounts - Click on an...
12 Jun, 2009
User Permissions
If you have sufficient permissions, you can modify the permissions of other users by going to Settings > User Permissions. The permissions model in Aristotle 360 is based upon permission groups. Each group has a modifiable list of permissions.  User accounts that are linked to a group...
17 Dec, 2011
Edit Record Groups
Individual, Committee, Organization, and Legislators can be associated with groups. To access group management go to Settings > Add/Edit Groups.  Here you can: Create and delete a Group Category, and edit the name of an existing Group Category. Create and delete a Group, edit...
18 Dec, 2011
Edit Election Periods
If you want to modify tracked Election Periods in Aristotle 360, go to Settings > Add/Edit Election Periods. On the  Add/Edit Election Periods page, you can add and delete election periods, in addition to changing the year, receipt limit, disbursement limit, name associated...
18 Dec, 2011
Edit Transaction Limits
Transaction limits are associated with a specific election. You can modify transaction limits by going to Settings > Edit Election Periods..
17 Dec, 2011
Global Transaction Defaults
Global Transaction Defaults allow you to increase data-entry accuracy by configuring the initial values set on your new transactions. (Note: These settings are independent of your transaction defaults set on Batch data-entry)
20 Aug, 2009

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