Aristotle Support
Updating the Zip & County Table
Problem: My City, State and County won't update when I enter in a zip code. When entering information into a new or existing record, the city and state do not automatically complete when I enter in a zip code. This usually happens for more than one address.   This may be because your...
11 Mar, 2010
Using FoxPro to find the path to your dataset
Go to Utilities, Foxpro prompt and type the following: use pathfile<enter> browse<enter> This will show you the path to the dataset. From here, you can see the different paths for the datasets that this user has. You can manually change paths here.  Then hit Cntl-W...
13 Mar, 2010
Blank FEC Form
#1 culprit for a blank FEC file is that cover page is not selected on the second tab of the CM FEC app. For example, if you are running an FEC Form 3, you must go to the Form 3 Schedules tab and put a check mark in the box that says "Cover Pages."  This should correct the...
21 Mar, 2010
Address Correction
Address Correction Occassionally, when entering data, you may want to enter the word "Street" and have it stay. By default, if you are in a record and enter the word "Street", it will change to "ST."   In order to correct this, do the following: Have the client go to Utilities ->...
24 Mar, 2010
Election Cycle to Date Total Incorrect on FEC Report
Election Cycle to Date Total Incorrect on FEC Report Let's say that you have an Individual who has an election cycle to date total of $5400.  However, the FEC report is only showing $4800 because you did a refund of $600.  If a refund of $600 is done as a...
10 May, 2010