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Using Subfile Toolbar
Subfile Toolbar When working within Subfiles, a basic Toolbar allows you to easily edit or add Subfile entries. Its buttons are, from left to right: Save, Add, Delete, and Undo. Note: The Subfile Toobar can be moved and reshaped anywhere on the screen.   The additional Subfile...
11 Mar, 2010
Subfile Overview
This section gives an overview of available CM5 Subfiles and their particular data entry considerations. Remember that the basic procedure to add or modify a Subfile entry is the same for all Subfiles. Contributions Subfile CM5 manages contribution data for State and Federal financial...
11 Mar, 2010
Delete Subfiles
Deleting Subfiles As with deleting Records, deleting Subfile entries can be dangerous. Be 100% certain that you want to delete an entry before you proceed. Step-by-Step… 1.  Select the entry you want to delete in the Subfile Edit screen: •  Double-click on the entry in the...
11 Mar, 2010
Using Data Entry Macros
Using Data Entry Macros A Macro is a recorded series of keystrokes assigned to a single key combination. When a task must be repeated many times using the same keystrokes, you can use a Macro to replace the many keystrokes with one or two. This can markedly increase data entry speed and...
11 Mar, 2010
Subfiles - Using and Working with
Subfiles Subfiles store additional information relating to the Master Record, such as club organizations, issues, contribution history, etc. Subfiles appear at the bottom of the Master Edit screen.    A checkmark on a Subfile tab indicates that entries exist in the Subfile....
11 Mar, 2010