Aristotle Support
Options Mailing Address   You can choose to include a Mailing Address in addition to the Primary Address feature.  The Primary Address continues to be used for financial reporting purposes, and the Mailing Address will appear on labels and merge-file lists.   The Mailing Address...
07 Mar, 2010
System Options
System Menu The System menu contains administrative functions to control how users interact with the BackOffice system.   Home brings the user back to the initial welcome screen.  Any outstanding Followup Needed Reminders are displayed on the right side of the screen, and any recent...
07 Mar, 2010
Combining Duplicates
Combine Duplicates   Combining duplicates is sometimes necessary to reduce the number of duplicates in your database.  This can happen in the import of old files in to Complete Campaigns, having many users entering data, and when you do imports yourself into your database.   ...
07 Mar, 2010
Automatic Duplicate Removal
Automatic Duplicate Removal   Automatic Duplicate Removal will permanently delete duplicates out of the database without review.  We recommend that all clients review duplicates before removing them from the system. Please see our HelpFile on the Combine Duplicates tool for more...
07 Mar, 2010