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Setting Up Administrative Allocation Ratios
Establishing Administrative Allocation Ratios in 360 This article will explain how to establish the administrative allocation ratio on Schedule H1 for allocable administrive expenses reported on Schedule H4 of the Form 3X.  Committees that do not allocate expenses between federal...
17 Dec, 2011
1099 Form
1099 in Aristotle 360 Unfortunately, the 1099 is not supported in 360. Clients will have to file that form themselves.   
19 May, 2011
The "File Now" Button
The "File Now" Button The File Now button goes away when the user uses the File Now option within 360. It will also go away when a user locks a report. "Locking a report" actually locks the transactions on the report - not the report itself, but it effectively locks the report since it has been...
25 Mar, 2010