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Codes Manager
What are Codes?
What are Codes?   A Code is a tag that can be attached to Individual records to group or track them. Codes are most commonly used to track attributes like special interests, ethnicity, and donor potential.   Codes help you run reports on who your supports your group, and what types of...
07 Mar, 2010
Adding Codes and Code Types
Codes Manager - Adding Codes and Code Types   Select Codes from the Management menu.  This function allows you to create your own custom codes for describing individuals and organizations.  Codes are applied to individual records.    To add a Code: Click on the Add...
07 Mar, 2010
Quick Codes
Quick Codes   Quick Codes are a way to easily mark the more common codes. Currently, quick codes can only be used in combination with Code Types.   To make a quick code: Go to Management à Codes Next to the Code Type you would like to make a quick code, check the...
07 Mar, 2010
Making Codes Inactive
Making Codes Inactive   If you have a long list of Codes that makes your drop down menu unbearable, you can make categories inactive to help reduce the list without having to delete the data.   By making the Codes inactive, you will remove them from the drop down menu, however, they...
07 Mar, 2010