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Export Methods For Custom Reports
Export Methods for Custom reports
Export Methods When you’re choosing your export method, you are choosing how you want to display your data from a query. There are several different types of prepared reports that fulfill almost every need. Type: General HyperLinks This report is used when you are not looking for a paper report...
29 Sep, 2014
Exporting A Report Into An Excel Spreadsheet
Exporting a Report into an Excel Spreadsheet To produce a report in excel, you first need to define what fields you want to include in the excel spread sheet and then run the actual report for the data.   To define the fields you wish to include in the excel spreadsheet, you'll need to...
07 Mar, 2010
How To Send Broadcast E-mails and Broadcast Faxes
Broadcast E-mail & Broadcast Fax Have you tried our Broadcast Email Tutorial ?   Please note that you will be billed for all broadcast e-mails and broadcast faxes. This fee is in addition to your subscription fees. Please also note that special conditions apply to the use of...
07 Mar, 2010