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Installation, Mailers and Set-up
Installing Campaign Manager
Below is a link to download Campaign Manager from our FTP site along with a username and password used to access the download. Campaign Manager 5 – Username: webget Password: $uppli54 Please follow these instructions...
16 Feb, 2010
Windows 7 Installation Instructions
Instructions for Installing Campaign Manager in Windows 7 1)      Before you begin, speak with your network administrator and insure that the workstations on which you plan to run CM5 are permissioned as LOCAL ADMINISTRATORS. You should NOT use you network administration...
21 Mar, 2010
Manually loading FEC Candidate & Committee Lists
1) Go to the web site at 2) Select to download the file (or the most recent file) 3) When it gives you the option to open or save the file, select "open". When the zip file opens, save it to your cm4temp folder. the...
10 Mar, 2010
Installing Mailers+4
Downloading and Installing Mailers+4 Below is a link to our website to download Mailers+4, along with a username and password used to access the download. Once the download has completed please follow the below steps to install the program. You can choose either option a or b.   ...
04 Apr, 2012
Initialize Error - Mailers +4 (Could not open mdAddr.dat.file)
 Error Message when running Mailers +4 - Initialization Error After installing Mailers +4, a error message appears, "There was a problem attempting to initialize Mailers+4 data at the location specified in the initialization file. Make sure that you have specified the correct location and/or...
28 Dec, 2009
Washington State Uploading Installation
1.    Copy 3 files to your C:\CM4\Reports\ folder.  Get the files from FB Case #99022 2.    (Client does not need to do this manually, the program has done this).  Run this command in your Dos Prompt to get file regasm.exe registered. The...
27 Jan, 2010
Installing CM on a Mac
Unfortunately, Campaign Manager cannot be installed on a MAC. 
28 Mar, 2010
Error while verifying license for address object!
There are several common errors associated with running Mailers +4.  "Error while verifying license for address object!" The first thing you want to try is to A) Find out where they installed +4 mailers. You can do this by going to Start > Programs and opening the Mailers +4 program and...
01 Sep, 2010