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Email Template Editor (New)
Email Template Builder Manual Overview: The new Email Template builder will insure universal deliverability for your Mass Emails in an easy to use drag and drop interface which will provide non-technical users the ability to easily craft visually compelling emails. The manner in which...
14 Aug, 2018
FAQ: SPF Records for Mass Email
What is an SPF record? SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record is a type of DNS (Domain Name Service) record that identifies which mail servers are authorized to send email on behalf of your domain. In essence it's a way of announcing to other mail servers that the entity sending email on your behalf...
12 Mar, 2014
Mass Email Wizard, Brief Overview and Step 1
The 360 Mass Email wizard allows you to send an email to mutliple recipients at once and can be used for event invitations, campaign notices, fundraiser announcements, calls to action, etc. You can access the wizard by going to Activities > New Mass Activity > Mass Email Wizard. A...
02 Sep, 2013
Mass Email Wizard, Step 2
On the Basic Info step of the email blast creation, provide summary information about your email. Mass Activity Title: This field allows you to apply a title to your mass email activity. This title is then listed on the Mass Activity Manager screen when you go to Activities > View/Search Mass...
02 Sep, 2013
Mass Email Wizard, Step 3
On the Create Content step of the email blast creation, insert all of the content elements of the email blast. There are three different methods by which Mass Email content can be created: Type straight into the editor and compose your mass email in full here. The editor allows you to format...
02 Jul, 2014
Mass Email Wizard, step 4
On the Destination Settings step of the email blast creation, indicate who will be identified as the sender of the email. Sender’s Email Address is where you indicate the email address which will appear as the sender’s email address. Many email servers are configured to send auto...
02 Sep, 2013
Mass Email Wizard, Step 5
On the Recipients step of the email creation, identify the recpients of the mass email.   Current Selection will send the email to the results of the search that you conducted immediately prior to setting up the mass email. If you conducted a search and then launched the mass email wizard,...
02 Sep, 2013
Mass Email Wizard, Step 6
On the Distribute step of the email blast creation, confirm the email blast settings, set the delivery date and time, send test emails, and launch the mass email. Delivery Option allows you to set the send date/time to some point in the future, or set the mass email to start sending...
02 Sep, 2013
About Email
An example Email activity: The required fields for an e-mail are "From", "From Email Address", "To", "To Email Address", "Subject", and "Status". From: the person sending the email From Email Address: the email address of the sender To: the person receiving the email To Email...
18 Oct, 2010
Sending Email
Once you have finished composing an email, it will not be sent until you select the "Save and Send Email" option.
11 Jun, 2009

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