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Adding a Legislator to a Committee

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Last updated: 17 Dec, 2011

Assigning a Legislator to a committee

Please follow the below instructions on how to do this.

1. Open the Committee Record for a Candidate, for example "Washington for President"
2. Open the "Committee Staff" subfile
3. Select "Add New Staff"
4. Search for the Legislator and select the appropriate one in the search results (If the Legislator does not exist in you data set, please refer to the below instructions on how to add the Legislator)
5. Enter a Date appointed (This will not be reflected on you FEC report)
6. Change the Contact type to "Candidate"

If the Legislator does not already exist in the data set, please follow the below instructions on how to create a new Legislator

1. Select File > New Legislator
2. Enter the Legislator's Name
3. Select Add District
4. Select the appropriate selections in the drop-down boxes that appear
5. Save the Record
6. If this is a Federal Candidate enter the Candidates FEC ID number in the ID field. This number starts with either a S, H, or P.
7. To save the ID select "Update" Under next to the District Information, then select to save the record
8. Enter any other information you wish into the Legislator's record and save the record.

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Article ID: 885
Last updated: 17 Dec, 2011
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